The world is shaping up in ways that are unprecedented. The climate is changing and the wildlife and people are affected. Big companies and even homes are taking some measures that will stall or even undo the effects of global warming. Is your business part of the movement yet?

Just because you are running a small business does not mean that you are exempted from making green choices for your operations. The transition may be quite challenging, but it has bigger payoffs. For one, you are making your business stand out from the competition; millennial markets are favoring businesses who vow to take part in making the world a greener place. Another advantage of going green will also help you save energy costs—the savings can be then reinvested back into business.

You may not have an idea yet how to start the green transition. That’s what this article is for. Below are some of the measures that you may want to include in your book.

Change your lighting

If you are after saving big time on your energy costs, it makes sense that you change your lighting system first. Older lighting systems consume too much electricity, and they are one of the culprits for energy wastage. It pays that you go for modern lighting systems, which are energy efficient. LED lights are some of your best choices. Finding a supplier should not be difficult, knowing that there are stores selling commercial lighting fixtures in Tampa. These establishments can even advise you which type of lighting suits your establishment and your needs.

Repurpose items

Recycling is your way to go if you really are committed to making your store a greener one. Instead of buying new furniture pieces and fixtures, repurpose the old ones. For example, the old showcases can be used as shelves for your inventory. The old cabinets can be repurposed as chairs. If you are looking to bring in new pieces, it is advisable to get second-hand items, especially in shelving, which is usually made of long-lasting metals and wood.

single use plastic bags

Promote eco-friendly bags

You can subtly choose to promote your advocacy among your patrons. And this can happen through ditching plastics and favoring eco-friendly bags. These are the bags that your customers can use multiple times. You may even choose to have an incentive program where you will offer discounts to customers who bring their eco-friendly bags. You can apply the same principle to your packaging.

Clean the other way

Cleaning is the last activity that you think will contribute to climate change. But it can! For example, your usage of aerosol sprays and some cleaning agents contribute to the proliferation of harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and other chemicals in the atmosphere. Instead, go for natural cleaners, such as vinegar and baking sodas. There are also companies that produce organic cleaning agents.

Managing a greener store will not just allow you to appeal to modern markets. You are actually taking part in saving the world—in making the world a greener place for your kids, grandkids, and future generations to come. Transitions do not have to be difficult or costly, as there will always be fellow businesses and suppliers that will allow you to materialize your plans.