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Alternative Routes for the Path of Health and Wellness

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“Health is Wealth” is an age-old adage that remains true to this very day. The times might not illustrate it well, but it still drives the point that we need to put our overall health above all else. If we neglect one aspect or the other, we risk the chance of failing in life, regardless of the riches that we have in possession.

There are several ways we can go about improving our health. However, before anything else, it should be reiterated that health refers not only to our physical state but our mental and emotional health as well.

The first thing many of us may think about doing is going to the gym and exercising habitually. But there are other avenues to be taken if we can’t afford to do either regularly. We discuss some of these avenues below.

Cook More Meals

Eating out or ordering in is a habit that we need to grow out of if we wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. Instead, we can pick up a hobby of cooking our meals on the spot or even prepping for the busy week ahead.

Doing so can help us save money since meal ingredients tend to be cheaper than the typical 10 to 20 dollar meals we get from restaurants and fast-food chains. They are also substantially better for our health, especially if we follow recipes that integrate all the food groups, from carbs to proteins.

A bonus that we get from cooking our meals is portion control. We get to dictate how frequent and how much we eat every day. We can choose to eat multiple small meals or follow some variation of intermittent fasting.

Look Into CAM

CAM or Complementary and Alternative Medicines are products and practices used alongside or instead of traditional medical routes. Yoga, chiropractic services, and herbal medicines are a few examples of modern-day CAM.

Complementary Medicine, in particular, is often used to treat chronic back pain or headaches. But anyone can make use of yoga and massages, regardless of their health status. Yoga is known to help with depression and anxiety since the practice itself gives yogis time to unwind from their routines.

Often, CAM can be found in hospitals, but there are also health and wellness franchises that offer chiropractic services, massages, and so much more.

Set Aside Time to Destress

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Good stress refers to the healthy amounts of stress that motivate us to accomplish our set goals. Are you handling stress often, though? Well, that’s too much of a good thing. That is why we need to make time for self-care practices and other activities that allow us to unwind.

We have our choices when it comes to fun activities, but a good example would be reacquainting ourselves with nature through jogging, walking, or camping. The great outdoors is known for alleviating stress; the proof is in how blood pressure lowers and how the heart stabilizes.

Perform Chores

To keep our bodies fit and functioning well, we still need to perform some form of physical activity. While not as effective, a good alternative, even for the busiest of people, is to accomplish chores every day.

It keeps us from spending too much time sitting. And going about doing chores also allows us to move more than one limb at a time, effectively spending some pent up energy.

With that being said, nothing will beat a proper diet and exercise. As we implement some, if not all these alternatives, we should also strive to carve out some time for conventional routes to excellent health.

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