Finding a place to call home — whether for a short or a long time — might seem easy. With all the rental places available all over the market at present, choosing one might seem like a walk in the park, thinking you will never run out of choices.

Upon browsing through your options and considering factors such as your budget and specific needs, however, you would realize that it is not really the case. Luckily, there are things you could consider to help make your search easier.

Whether you are looking for a condo for rent in Pasig City or Cebu City, knowing the important factors to consider before jumping to a deal can make a huge difference. If you keep reading, you’ll learn what those are.


Most rental agreements specify the length of your stay. This is a good thing as knowing the contract length will enable you to plan ahead. You will also be able to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your living arrangements.

As such, it is important to know what you are capable of given your circumstances as well as your short-term and long-term plans. Will you be able to pay your monthly dues on time for a year without sacrificing other aspects of your life? Or are you better off looking for a different place that you can better afford? Keep your budget in mind and make a game plan on sticking to it.


Woman looking at the buildings from the balconyThis is not really a problem as there are a lot of rental units sprouting all over the capital. But you should consider the place’s accessibility to public transportation, malls, schools, hospitals, and your workplace. The more accessible those places are, the more convenient it would be for you.

Also note that choosing a good location is not just about convenience. Many studies have shown that the quality of life if directly affected by how much time one spends on their daily commute. Long commutes to and from work have been linked to mental health as well.

Facilities and amenities

Different places offer different amenities. It is important to know which services and facilities you cannot live without and which ones you can compromise. For instance, asking if they allow pets before looking deeper into the deal is also important, especially if you plan on living with one (or some).

If you have a car, note that not all rental properties offer parking spaces. Usually, this comes as a separate contract. If you regularly work out, consider a place that has a gym and better if you could use it for free as a resident. Make a list of the requirements specific to you, and be realistic about it too.

It is in most instances a taxing task to look for a place to live in, even if there are many rental properties in the city. However, proper research can help you in your decision-making process in finding the right apartment or condo that will suit not only your budget but also your needs and lifestyle.