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Applications and Examples of Hydraulic Systems

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Hydraulic systems are more common than many actually realize. In fact, we are surrounded by them without many of us even knowing. In today’s tech and power-driven technologies, hydraulic systems are indispensable components of machines and equipment that drive the economy.

Accordingly, the ubiquity of hydraulic systems has given birth to many hydraulic hose replacement businesses that cater to the needs of the industries that use hydraulic equipment and machinery in their daily operations. These businesses continue to rise due to the wide range of applications of hydraulic systems.

In the U.S. where the majority of transportation, logistics, construction, and other industries rely heavily on the use of hydraulics, such businesses are integral in maintaining the smooth operation of those industries.


Hydraulic lifts are highly versatile systems that can be used to move people, cargoes, and other things vertically. Some of the hydraulic lift types are mezzanine, scissor, and carousel lifts that operate through a combination of a valve, motor, ram, and pump – the major components. Their sheer number of applications is so wide-ranging that some of us may be surprised to realize that they are actually using a hydraulic lift. Among other applications include cars, waste management and shipping, and construction.


A lot of trailer trucks, dump trucks, and other vehicles and heavy equipment that need exceptional braking power rely on hydraulic braking system components. They are also present in cars, motorcycles, and other small vehicles and machines. In fact, every time you ride an airplane, you should thank the hydraulic brakes for your safe landings. They primarily use mineral oil or DOT brake fluids and are composed of master cylinders, rotors, pads, and lines.


Back in the old days when vehicles don’t have power steering, drivers had to exert tremendous effort just to turn their vehicles to the left or right. This all changed dramatically with the introduction of the hydraulic power steering technology that not only reduced the physical effort of drivers to turn their vehicles to desired directions but also helped absorb much of the road shock during each trip.


When it’s time to lift some heavy loads, a piece of equipment fitted with a hydraulic jack is the best option. Examples of such systems are floor jacks and bottle jacks that are composed of a pumping system and a cylinder. They are used in automotive repairs shops and many of the vehicles plying the roads today most likely have a portable hydraulic jack for troubleshooting purposes.

Shock absorbers

shock absorber

Shock absorbers are yet another component that uses hydraulic technology to offer better performance and results. Hydraulic shock absorbers are used in motorcycles, performance cars, and a host of other vehicles and heavy machinery where shock dampening is required.

Heavy equipment

By using hydraulics, heavy equipment function better as they pack in more power and speed. They are used extensively in the construction industry since they are found in excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, and loaders.

If you have a vehicle or equipment that needs hydraulic hose replacement, you can seek help from a business that specializes in this service. They have the right crew and access to high-quality replacement hoses that could bring back any problematic hydraulic system to optimal operating conditions.

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