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Baseball Pitching Drills Your Child Can Do at Home

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Like any sport, the best way to be the best at baseball is continuous training. Being a great pitcher, in particular, requires plenty of skills that need to be honed from childhood to adulthood. But with fields and other training facilities being only partially open, it can be challenging to keep up the amount of practice your future baseball superstar needs to keep him diamond-ready when the time comes.

Fortunately, your child doesn’t have to go without training while being cooped up at home. Help him ensure his throws remain fast and accurate with the following drills he can practice at home:

1. Two-ball Drill

Great for warming up, the two-ball game drill requires only two baseballs. Get your other kids or a couple of your child’s baseball friends, place them equidistant from each other, and give them a baseball each. Start the drill by tossing your baseball to another player. Before he catches, he must throw the original ball he has to another player. Then, the hand he uses to catch the ball you tossed must also be the hand he uses for tossing that ball to another player. This looks like a simple drill but helps significantly in developing a player’s hand-eye coordination.

2. Long Toss Drill

The long toss drill is excellent for pitchers wanting to improve the speed and accuracy of his long-distance throwing. At home, you and your child can practice this with just the both of you. Go to the yard and stand as far apart as you can. Set a hat or some kind of marker in front of you, then take turns throwing a baseball to hit the other’s marker. With this drill, a player can improve his form and the mechanics of his throw. He can also measure the improvement of his throws’ speed with the help of a radar speed gun.

3. Bull’s Eye Drill

Similar to the long toss drill, the point of the bull’s eye drill is to improve your child’s throwing accuracy. Start by sitting across each other 20 feet apart and tossing a baseball back and forth, aiming for each other’s chest. The less you need to move your arm to catch the ball, the more accurate your child’s pitches become. As he improves, you can make the drill more challenging by establishing a bull’s eye target.

4. Wall Ball Drill

Another baseball drill that improves hand-eye coordination, the wall ball is a drill that enhances your child’s fielding abilities. Have your child stand about 10 feet from the wall. Next, you throw a baseball off the wall, which your child must field. He must do the proper fielding movements until before he has to throw the ball. This drill helps players make smooth transitions and maintain appropriate body composition.

5. Ceiling Flip Drill

Something simple that your child can do in his room is the ceiling flip drill. Have him lie down on his back and toss a baseball into the air. He must catch the ball without moving his body. This can also be done standing with his back against the wall. This drill improves a player’s hand-eye coordination and helps develop their throws.

With these at-home drills, you can help your child practice his baseball skills so that he’s master the mound once he gets back on the field.

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