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Battling for Child Custody? Here Are Eight Things to Keep in Mind

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One of the most emotional legal proceedings is child custody disputes. When faced with such a difficult situation, you’d want to put your best foot forward and win the battle over your ex. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to win a child custody battle:

Work with a competent child custody lawyer

The best way to understand how family law works is by working with a reliable child custody lawyer in Glen Burnie. They can assist you with the process, answer all your possible questions, and aid you in winning child custody. Don’t think that you can afford one? It still pays to set an appointment with a lawyer for a free consultation.

Show a willingness to work with your former spouse

couples therapyIt doesn’t matter if you and your former partner get along or not. When it comes to your child, their best interest should always be your priority. To make the process an easier one for you both parties, especially your child, show the court that you’re willing to cooperate with your ex.

Show that you’re committed to cooperating with the court

Saying no to the court is one big no-no when trying to win child custody. Make sure to show that you’re committed by completing all the requests of the court promptly. This can include taking parenting classes or undergoing an at-home custody evaluation.

Never badmouth your former spouse to your kids

Saying bad things about your ex is never a good idea. It will only hurt their feelings, and it can backfire on you in the long run. If your ex finds out and they can prove this to the court, you can lose custody.

Avoid making bad choices

Even one error can turn your world upside down and make you lose child custody. If you wish to keep your child under your care, make sure to avoid making bad choices such as getting caught for a DUI and getting involved in a domestic argument. In short, avoid getting involved in anything illegal.

Don’t make false claims against your partner

There are times when parents become desperate that they resort to making false accusations against their ex. If you make things up and fails to provide evidence, this can be enough reason for the court to give the custody to your ex. If you plan on presenting your concerns to the court, work with a lawyer when gathering your evidence.

Present yourself well

Appearances matter when presenting yourself in court. If you wish to win the battle for child custody, make sure that you walk the talk. Dress appropriately and arrive on time during court appearances. Show them that you are financially able to support your child and that you have suitable housing for the kids.

Skip the dating game during the custody battle

If you wish to win a child custody battle, don’t date and focus on your kids first. Placing their needs above everything else is one of the best ways to win custody. If you already have a significant other, never introduce them to your kids during this time.

There are times when a child custody battle can be a messy one. If you wish to increase your chances of winning such a dispute, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

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