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Bespoke Software Developers and How to Choose One

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When talking about business software, you’d often think about ready-made or packaged software that are ready to be bought and used in their operations. You might also know of some developers and value-added resellers (VARs) offering to sell, customise, and integrate an already-packaged or finished software so it could fit into a business’ operations. But, there’s another option for business software, which is to hire a bespoke software to make a software from scratch.

Bespoke Software Developers

Bespoke software developers (or custom software developers) such as the UK based Professional Data Management Services (PDMS) specialise in making customised software based on the client’s needs, and offers continuous comprehensive support. Bespoke software developers don’t sell or resell software or offer to customise and integrate a packaged/existing software, but they develop a software from scratch, tailor-fitted and optimised for your company/business’ operations, needs, and preference.

A good analogy would be that software retailers sell clothing that is ready to use, value-added resellers sell already-finished clothing and offer to adjust them to fit the client, whereas bespoke software developers take the measurements of the client and make the clothing from scratch.

But of the many bespoke or custom software developers out there, how can you choose the right one for you?

Experience and Clientele

Assuming that you’ve already got a list to choose from, the first thing you have to check is the company’s background. More specifically, their experience in developing custom software for businesses, and if they have already served clients under the same industry as your company. So, for example, if your company is into large-scale manufacturing, it’s best to find a bespoke software developer that has experience in the same industry.

Although this isn’t to say that new or startup bespoke software developers aren’t good, hiring one that’s seasoned allows lowers the chances of issues with the software and would probably need lesser time to develop the software as they’ve already learned from previous clients.

Awards and Recognition

You should also look into the development firm’s awards, recognition, and certifications. These would be proof or evidence of the quality of work, as well as making sure that they uphold specific industry standards (in the case of having certifications).


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Even if a bespoke software development firm is experienced and multi-awarded, you also have to check on their capacity to deliver. This means the size of their team and resources. If your company is international and has multiples branches worldwide, do they have the capacity to develop the software needed for global operations? Do they have the workforce to manage the software development for each branch and implementation/integrate them in the operations? Do they have a multi-lingual staff that can provide different language options for your needed software?

It’s best to contact the developers themselves and ask them these questions as well as any other specifications and requirements that your company and its operations require when it comes to the software.


The right bespoke software developers can provide you with custom-made business software to maximise your business’ resources and operations, as well as allowing you full control and coordination between units/departments, and better decision-making through reports generation. And to pick the right one, you need to keep these pointers in mind when searching for one.

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