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Pointers for Building a Backyard Office

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If you’re officially moving your small business to your home, having a separate office or workstation in your yard might be a prudent idea. It will help you set clear boundaries between your personal life and your professional life, and it will also set the pace for your family and the people you work with. If your small business will continue to operate from home even after the vaccine rollout, here are some tips for building a separate office structure in your backyard.

Check your area’s zoning regulations

If you are in the process of buying land or property for sale or having a new home built, check your area’s zoning regulations to ensure that you have the authority to build a new structure in your yard. The best place to look is your town government or the office of your city. Check the department of housing if they can provide you with local ordinance resources and materials. If you are a member of a specific gated community or a homeowner’s association, they might also have information on the restrictions or conditions specific to your neighborhood.

Consider how much space you have

As a general rule, you need to leave a minimum of 1 meter between the new structure and the surrounding buildings and boundaries. You also cannot neglect the positioning of the trees around your property since you want to avoid causing harm r damage to the roots. You will also need to consider how the new structure will impact parking and access. Make sure that the ground is level and that your construction team cuts back excess foliage.

Make it an extension of your home

Just because it’s an office or it’s being built for your business, it doesn’t mean you have to go left field in terms of design or structure. When building a backyard office, consider how it can complement the main house. Whatever designs or colors you choose, make sure it looks good alongside your main home.

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Design ideas

Here are some ideas you can explore, and check which ones will look best alongside your home:

  • The garden shed look, which gives off a cottagecore vibe, especially if you plant some flowers in the area.
  • If you already have a shed in your backyard, consider converting it. There’s nothing like the look of a recycled pallet that provides a cozy, homey vibe. Incorporate a little fireplace to add to the atmosphere of warmth and intimacy.
  • A rustic minimalist design is a simple, clean, and classy way to build your garden office. Consider using exposed beam ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to evoke openness and a bigger space.
  • If privacy is not an issue, consider building a greenhouse. Choose glass for your structure and incorporate light-colored furniture to emphasize the greenery in your property. This is a wonderful way to enjoy nature while you’re doing some work.
  • Choose a French-inspired white shed. You can express your business’s feminine or delicate senses by going with warm white hues and your company’s main colors.
  • Incorporate a patio beside your backyard office. It can be a suitable place for your and your team to hold meetings or an area where all of you can take breaks outside of the main office.
  • Another design idea you can consider is an enclosed gazebo, which is usually octagonal or turret-shaped. An unusually shaped shed might be able to allure you to sit down and start working more.
  • If romantic sheds don’t align with your business’s goals, go for a more modern look. A sleeker design might help you maximize your space more, and a wide glass sliding door could be a great way to help you save money on lighting.
  • If being eco-friendly is part of your business’s branding and ethos, consider building a green cube. You can do this by incorporating more glass windows and doors that provide a clear view of your property’s garden and adding natural vegetation to the walls of your structure to give the backyard office some personality.
  • Consider adding a roof deck to the structure. If you don’t have enough space for a patio, a cozy roof deck might be a good place for you and your team to have staff meetings or just kick back and relax.

A backyard office is an ingenious project that can help you and your team achieve a better work-life balance. With the right design, it can also help boost your general well-being. Consider moving your business’s operations to your backyard and watch your business grow, as well as your team’s mood, energy, and productivity.

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