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Cardboard Shredder Buying Guide

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Choosing an ideal cardboard shredder is a daunting task for most individuals. Before purchasing a shredder, it is vital to consider its features, performance and specifications. The quality of the equipment will determine if it’ll serve you for long without hitches. For example, it’ll be illogical to buy a shredder that needs to cool down after every three minutes. This guide will come in handy to prevent you from making the wrong decision when shopping for your machine. Check out these critical tips to consider.

Run-Time & Downtime

When purchasing a shredder, you’ll need to consider its run time and cool downtime. Each of these equipment is designed to function for a specific time before allowing the motor to cool down. In other words, how long will the shredder work uninterrupted? For example, most home shredders in the market can shred continuously for 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, professional and office shredders are heavy-duty machines that can work uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes or even more. Thus, pick the right shredder depending on your needs.

Cutting Technology

In the market today, you will find cardboard shredders with either crosscut or micro-cut cutting technology. The crosscut machines will yield long rectangular pieces while the micro-cut shredders produce tiny particles. The micro-cutting shredders are preferred when dealing with confidential or sensitive work.

Automatic Oiler

Although most of the previous cardboard shredders were oiled manually, modern machines are high-tech and are lubricated automatically; they feature a built-in oiler. If you have limited funds, you can opt for a shredder you’ll oil manually. The oiling process is easy; in about 10 minutes you’ll be through with the task.

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Shredding Requirement

When purchasing your shredder, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements. Depending on your needs, you can go for a direct cardboard shredder or a paper shredder that works on both papers and cardboards. But if you’ll be shredding thick cardboard, it will be better to stick to a cardboard shredder.

Waste Capacity

Also, consider the bin capacity of the shredder. If the equipment has a large bin, you won’t need to empty it often. While shopping, remember the crosscut waste occupies more space, thus, it will be better to go for a shredder with a large bin. If you’re in the business of recycling the trash, an industrial shredder would be best since it’s able to shred large quantities of cardboards and at a higher speed.

Noise Level

Most of the shredders you’ll find in the market don’t produce noise exceeding 50 decibels. For example, your smartphone’s ringtone is about 60 decibels; thus, you can bear the sound produced by your shredder while in action. But remember the older versions of the shredders are noisier compared to the modern equipment. Therefore check the decibel rating when buying your equipment. If you can’t find the label on the machine, ask the company representative.

Cardboard shredders are crucial equipment for recyclers and other individuals involved in waste management. When choosing your ideal equipment, consider your shredding needs, noise level, run-time and cool downtime, cutting technology, and how you’ll be oiling the machine.

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