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The Importance of Community Management in Coworking Spaces

In recent years, coworking spaces have become an integral part of the startup culture. These places serve as the breeding ground of dreams and ambitions. This is where aspirations are formed, and this is the place where people meet new people. With the benefits of these new working spaces, it is a must that they

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Gen-Z Friendly Office

Generational Changes: How to Make Your Workplace Gen Z-Friendly

It seemed like yesterday when you were trying to figure out how to manage Millennials, and now a new generation is slowly entering the workforce as well. People who belong in Generation Z were born in 1997 to 2012, according to a report called “Defining Generations: Where Millenials End and Generation Z Begins” by the

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growing the business

Growing Your Business Is Key to Franchising Your Business Successfully

If you have a small business that provides valuable products and services to your market, you may want to think about opening it up for franchising. This gives others the opportunity to run their own business under your name, following the formula you developed. The key to success in franchising is making sure that your business

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Moisture on the window

Get Out of Deep Water: Minimising Moisture at Your Welding Site

Electrical risks are a common hazard when welding on site. Welding machines are powered by electricity, which send strong currents to facilitate the task and get the job done. When a person comes into contact with the electrode, live parts or devices, they are in risk of an electric shock. Welders are at a higher

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retail shops

Ensure That Your Store Will Be a Success With These Tips

It may be surprising, but retail shops still have a place in the market place. With e-commerce stores winning by offering a large number of offerings combined with low operating costs, it may seem that they will crush their competitors. However, brick-and-mortar shops provide a completely different experience that e-commerce shops can’t match. There is

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Commercial Landscaping Plan

Commercial Landscaping for Your Business

As the business scene grows, more and more services are constantly in demand. From construction sites for buildings to interior design for offices, these services continue to help businesses thrive. One particular service in demand is commercial landscaping. Various businesses in prime locations such as East Orlando have a continuous need for this service. Landscaping

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Debt Consolidation Loan Options

The worst financial choices happen to even the seemingly most careful person. Within a short period, the wrong decision might leave you with debts that seem overwhelming. Some people opt to start hiding from their creditors and other embarrassing tactics to avoid the loan repayment. There are however different proven tactics that a debt relief

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Artificial Intelligence

Say Hi to AI: The Future of Recruitment

Technology gives users unrestricted access to all sorts of intelligence, with high-tech tools used to pinpoint and extract the exact information they want. This opens a multitude of conveniences for organizations. Companies can now more easily acquire new talents. In terms of logistics and operations, they have access to a vast range of professionals, making

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employee putting a thumbs up

6 Ways to Keep your Employees Motivated

As a CEO or a business owner, one of your key roles is to keep everyone motivated. Remember, your staff is the backbone of your company. Their morale can significantly affect not only their productivity but also their behavior in the office. Demotivation is also one of the reasons for the higher attrition rate. Here

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Recyclable Trach Bin

Recycling as the Key to Effective Urban Waste Management

The world is now facing an environmental crisis and that means no less than a full global effort is needed to avert it. One of the biggest problems we are facing is that of waste management. The population continues to rise, which would naturally entail an increase in waste products. The challenge for us as

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