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How a Green Office Can Help You Save Money

Climate change might be ruining the planet, but running an office costs money. Most companies don’t even consider going green, thinking it would raise their overheads. However, green options can also be practical — and your company can save the environment while saving a bit of money. 1. Block the Heat Most offices consume significant

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Cleaning Services: Turn Your Love for Cleaning Into a Business

The cleaning industry is a good place for you to start a small business. Because of the spread of the CORONA virus, services that involve commercial or residential cleaning are now in demand more than ever. In fact, the cleaning industry in the United States generates 46 billion dollars every year. This proves that there

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Dealing With a Violent Customer Who Attacked Your Employees

Every retail worker is trained to assume that the customer is always right. When a customer complains, no matter how ridiculous or unreasonable they might sound, a good retail worker should apologize and ask how they could help. But what if a customer doesn't just act rude, but downright violent? published an article rounding

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Running Your Business Despite Going Through a Personal Crisis

Many business owners swear by the principle of separating work and personal life, and it’s one of the best business principles there is—except that it may be impossible to achieve at times, especially during a personal crisis. Business owners who go through a divorce, a death, a mental health problem, an illness, or any life-altering

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Managing a Small Business at Home: Challenges and Opportunities

Running and managing a business, even if you are doing it from within the comforts of your home, will always be challenging. After all, there are so many things you need to consider. For instance, you need to think about innovative ideas that will help you enhance the products or services you are offering. You

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Business Insights: Things You Can Learn From Blue Apron

If you have been around on the internet for quite some time, you might remember the big meal kit boom back in 2015-2016. People back then had all the craze for meal kits, and one of the progenitors of its business structure is Blue Apron. You might remember that almost every YouTube ad promoted Blue

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Pointers for Building a Backyard Office

If you’re officially moving your small business to your home, having a separate office or workstation in your yard might be a prudent idea. It will help you set clear boundaries between your personal life and your professional life, and it will also set the pace for your family and the people you work with. If your small

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Professional Growth

Successful careers don’t happen overnight. Whether you want to be promoted to a certain position or improve certain soft or technical skills, a solid career development plan can guide you wherever you would like to go. Here are five ways you can speed up your professional growth and achieve your career goals. Set goals and

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Stocking Your Pharmacy: Medicines to Have at Home

No home pharmacy is complete without medicine — and like how storm doors help weatherproof your home and prevent rain from getting in to keep your house safe. Having common medications on hand can help you be prepared to help yourself or others at home. Before you head out to the drugstore, consider getting these common medicines

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Technology and Its Impact During a Health Crisis

Lives have been changed because of the virus outbreak, and people have no choice but to adapt to the drastic changes. One blessing that we have nowadays is our access to limitless technology that allows us to perform our everyday duties and effectively combat COVID-19. Front liners, the public, and the world now count on technology

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