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Stepping it Up: How to Enhance Your Quality of Hire

More than 60% of hiring experts said finding qualified and experienced candidates was a big challenge for their department, based on Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report. Pinpointing full-time applicants with the right skills was another concern, according to 37% of recruitment professionals. Spotting qualified entry-level employees was third, with 34% of HR experts

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Five Business Technology Trends to Adopt Right Now

The beginning of the new decade promises a plethora of opportunities for business innovation. This 2020, it’s high time that your organization embrace the emerging technology trends that are shaping the modern global workforce. Here are the top five techs that your organization should adopt right now: Collaborative Workplaces In a Stanford study, it was reported that

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Is Minority Report’s Future Our Present?

The most iconic tech in the movie Minority Report is the computer interface Tom Cruise’s character uses. It all looked very intuitive – he seemed to be navigating the software like he was manipulating something physical. There were taps, swipes, and twists. He moved information on the screen as if he was moving paper. Then

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Pointers for a Successful Restaurant Startup

Running a restaurant is a bold undertaking as it is one of the toughest businesses in the hospitality industry. Here are some ways to be on your feet: 1. Avoid overspending A survey reports that the average restaurant startup costs range from $275,000, which owners estimate to be 15% above their initial budget. This shows that many

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How to Properly Clean Your Farm Tractor in Four Steps

Running a farm is hard work, but a lot of tasks are made easier by the tractor. Your authoritative and versatile go-to agricultural workhorse proves its value every day as you plough and seed your fields, apply fertiliser, and harvest crops. Because the tractor is so busy, it gets dirty pretty quickly. And yet it’s

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SEO Writing: How to Capitalize on Online Content

It’s no secret that in SEO, content is king. However, with the number of Google algorithm updates steadily increasing, SEO writing is sometimes a complicated math problem that you have to calculate to achieve faster results. Aside from keywords, it has to be written in the natural language of your visitors and offer answers to

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at a construction site

Construction Preparation: 4 Things to Check

t a constructionIt’s easy to be overly excited when starting a construction project. It gives a particular type of elation to build something and see it slowly reach completion. However, you shouldn’t let excitement get the best of you because this may lead you to overlook crucial things in the preparatory process. Whether you’re new

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roach inside the office

Keeping Rodents and Roaches Away from the Office

People go in and out of the office every time. But sometimes, something else goes in and out as well. As much as we would like to live in a clean and hygienic environment, that is not always the case. You see, right now there could be dozens of roaches and rodents roaming around. They

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security guard with the best boy

Why Hire Security Guards for Your Property

Our personal belongings need protection at all costs, especially those that have some form of sentimental value apart from their monetary value. Most of the time, we do a good job of keeping what we own safe. But on certain occasions, we need a little help to protect our stuff. To be exact, that includes

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