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Paying in cash

4 Sure Signs Suggesting You Should Sell A Profitable Business

You’ve heard about well-earning businesses being bought by much bigger companies or even small/medium-sized enterprises that have opted to sell their business despite being hugely profitable. As you may already know all too well, being a business owner comes with many perks and challenges, but one of the biggest challenges you’ll be facing is considering

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real estate agent and customer

What Should You Look for in a Real Estate Agent?

For the average person, a house is probably the most expensive investment they will ever make in their entire life. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy, you wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain on a deal gone wrong. This is why it is important to choose the right real estate

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college students

Your Child’s Time in University and Coping with It

As your child’s time to attend university approaches, you have to deal with the reality that they have to move out, too. Living closer to campus in their smart condo here in Katipunan will be better for them. After all, it’s less time spent commuting or traveling by car, and more time allotted for their

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team of employees having a meeting

Breaking Free from Conventional Meetings

Corporate meetings are essential to discuss important matters about the company. But most employees dread being in one. They often peg such gathering as boring. You could not blame them because there is a truth behind it. Most corporate heads who conduct meetings are very serious and monotonous. You may use certain strategies to encourage

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hands holding a small tree

Five Things You Can Do to Start Going Green

Everything we do can affect our planet. From the amount of waste we produce to even the smallest choice we make can have an impact on the environment. As the greatest contributors to our planet’s downfall, it only becomes a must that we are also the ones who need to start and make the change.

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Young carer walking with the elderly woman in the park

Creating a Successful Homecare Business Startup

Healthcare and home care businesses are a big industry. As there’s an increase in our life expectancy through the years, this industry is trying to maximize whatever role they can fit into people’s lives. This is a good chance for business-minded individuals to try their luck. Are you interested to open a home care or

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Happy employees

4 Events and Activities to Boost Workplace Motivation and Morale

While ensuring the mental and physical health of employees is essential to have a functional workforce, morale and motivation are equally important aspects that are often overlooked by many companies. Motivation refers to one’s drive to finish a task, while morale refers to one’s energy and enthusiasm towards their work, and both are needed to

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Real estate space for lease

Ways Commercial Building Owners Can Lower Utility Costs

Do you own a commercial building? Then, you should know by now how your energy and water bill can shoot up, especially during the warmer season. As large users of utilities, it is no wonder how much cash you spend just on your energy or water bill alone. Of course, this will be dependent on

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Flu Season

Tis the Season to Stay Healthy: Prepping Your Office for Flu Season

Winter presents various challenges to businesses and organizations, not only can the cold and weather make it hard for office staff to travel to and from the office, but it also makes them more susceptible to flu. Not only can flu greatly impact one’s quality of life, and make working or doing everyday tasks difficult,

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fragile box

Is Expedited Shipping Better than Regular Shipping?

Everybody loves online stores nowadays. They have made shopping more comfortable and more accessible to everyone. You use your computer or smartphone, go to your ideal website, pick your item, fill out some relevant information, pay with your preferred payment option, and wait for the product to arrive. Gone are the days when people had to wait

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