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Primary Concepts of Visual Advertising

The three primary forms of advertising include audio, visual and text-based advertising. While audio advertising might have reached vast audiences in the past, visual advertising has primarily taken over. When you paint a picture of what clients can expect using professional photographs and videos, you are sure to create a memorable brand impression. Visual marketing

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Boost Sales: Making it Big in the Online Market

The world has evidently become more digitalized throughout the years. In fact, it has been reported by the Internet World Stats that there are more than four billion Internet users in the world. Social media and online platforms have been part of every aspect of human life — from personal interaction to work-related real-time collaboration.

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Boost Your Online Sales With a Vivid Instagram Feed

The internet is becoming the preferred method for consumers to browse and make their purchases. Businesses are accommodating them by increasing their online presence through websites and social media sites. Some companies even operate entirely online, relying on digital channels for exposure and revenue. But with so many social media platforms to choose from, which

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City vs. Suburban Life: Which One Suits You?

A lot of people prefer living in the city because of how vibrant it feels like living in the economic and entertainment centre of a state. Try living in Manhattan, and it feels like your apartment is just a place for you to sleep in when you’re too tired exploring every nook and cranny of

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Methods of Minimizing Corporate Travel Fraud in Your Company

Corporate travel accounts for one of the most substantial expenses in today’s world. This is because branches are now aiming for a worldwide approach in their marketing to maximize their revenue. It is thus essential to send representatives to various locations now and then to meet clients and open branches among other business-related operations. Unfortunately,

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How to Make Customers Want to Open Your Mail

Up to this day, many businesses still prefer the traditional way of reaching out to customers. They do direct mail marketing to promote their products and services. This is why companies providing direct mail printing services continue to thrive in the age of the internet. Despite this strategy being old-fashioned, many businesses attest to its effectiveness in convincing

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Happy Employees are the Key to Profitable Companies

It’s widely known that a happy workplace improves employee productivity. In 2009, a team from Warwick University researched the impact of workplace happiness on a company’s bottom line through multinational technology company Google. The company invested in employee support and satisfaction among workers rose by 37 per cent as a result. The research is supported

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4 Traits All Franchisees Must Possess

Franchises are a great choice for entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are just beginning to take on managing a business. Getting a franchise means that you would already have ample support when it comes to running a business. You would have enough guidance when it comes to marketing your products and services, however, you should

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The Importance of Community Management in Coworking Spaces

In recent years, coworking spaces have become an integral part of the startup culture. These places serve as the breeding ground of dreams and ambitions. This is where aspirations are formed, and this is the place where people meet new people. With the benefits of these new working spaces, it is a must that they

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Gen-Z Friendly Office

Generational Changes: How to Make Your Workplace Gen Z-Friendly

It seemed like yesterday when you were trying to figure out how to manage Millennials, and now a new generation is slowly entering the workforce as well. People who belong in Generation Z were born in 1997 to 2012, according to a report called “Defining Generations: Where Millenials End and Generation Z Begins” by the

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