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Driving Around For Business: Buying A Company Car

A company car might seem like an extra expense, but it is better to think of it as an investment. Your employees will appreciate the convenience that it can provide. Additionally, you can use it to shuttle around important clients. With these benefits, you can likely score better contracts. But considering all the various car

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Should Businesses Embrace Electric Vehicles?

These days, business owners are trying everything they can in order to reach and please their eco-conscious customers. Many have gone to great lengths just to achieve this. They changed their policies, updated their process, and are now investing in greener and more sustainable technologies. One question that has been lingering in many business owners’’

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How to Maintain the Value of Your Car

Most car owners strive to maintain the value of their car. But it can be hard to drive a vehicle for a long time and maintain its value. Although vehicles depreciate over time, it is possible to keep your car in good condition for long. Regardless of the vehicle that you drive, you need to

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How to Increase Sales in Your Auto Repair Shop

Many old car shops relied solely on word of mouth to get more sales. However, it can be more difficult to stand out from the competition in today’s era of technology. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can increase your sales in your auto repair shop. Here are a few effective methods you can

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From Man to Machine: A Brief History of Car Manufacturing

Walking was the main, and admittedly only, way of transportation for a long time. After taming large animals, horse-drawn carriages lessened the burden on the body and allowed people to get to where they needed to be faster. Today, we have many options to choose from. We can traverse the sky with airplanes, the sea

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How to Make Up for Poor Credit in Auto Loan Application

When seeking funding to buy a used 4WD SUV in Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland, or any other major city, your creditworthiness is one of the few factors that can affect how your loan application will go. The problem is that know and increasing your FICO scores may not be enough to make yourself appear as

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Experts Discuss the Missing Drivers on the Road

By 2020, e-commerce will continue to flourish. More countries will open their doors to foreign goods. The demand for same-day delivery and quick shipping will be stronger. The question is, where are the truck drivers? If you’re a logistics company or a trucking business, you can get labor support from temporary driver staffing agencies. It’s

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Get These 4 Security Upgrades for Your Vehicle

It’s not enough that you merely rely on the factory safety features that come with your vehicle. Because the road can be full of hazards such as undisciplined drivers and thieves roaming around in search of a vehicle to steal, you should ensure that your ride is fully protected. For one, you should look for

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Do You Really Need a Car?

Everyone wants to own a car. Or, at the very least, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t. And there’s nothing wrong with that. A car is a beneficial resource. It always you to go from one place to another with ease and comfort. However, some people tend to buy cars without really needing one.

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Learn How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a Car

Many people jump over many hurdles to buy a car. The biggest one, though, is the price tag. Many car purchases had buyers left with empty wallets. If you are planning to buy a car soon, here are some tips that should help you negotiate a better deal: Always Do Your Homework The first thing

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