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Touristic caravan

Van Life: Living On the Go

Nowadays, the adventurous nomadic van life is garnering praises all over the Internet and social media. Many people want to just drop their complicated, dull and boring life for a while and immerse in wonderful experiences as a camper. If you’re also fascinated by this idea and wish to embrace the van life, whether for

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police car

The Ideal Police Response Vehicle

When you watch a movie with a police chase, like those in the “Fast and Furious” series, you wonder at times why the police would not just use muscle cars or racers in order to catch the criminals. Any police officer will tell you that speed is not their main problem, and the nuances of

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mechanic fixing the car

The Perks of In-House Manufacturing for Auto Repair and Restoration

Through in-house manufacturing tools such as pipe benders and metalworking machines, automotive repair and restoration workshops can create and modify missing or rare parts, extending the scope of what they can offer to both average motorists and specialist automotive enthusiasts. Specialist automotive repair and restoration services often have a battery of machines in their workshops

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man driving a lifted truck

5 Reasons to Buy a Lifted Truck

It is possible to lift truck in two ways – one is with a body lift kit, and another is using a suspension lift kit. Both have some pros and cons, but the main difference lies in customer preferences. A body-kit lift includes installing a spacer between the truck body and its frame. On the

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Couple choosing a car

Choosing Your Ride: What You Need vs. What You Want

So, you are ready to buy your first car. Do you know the important factors to consider before making that purchase? It’s difficult to choose between what you actually need and what you want, which is why it is important that you put the factors into perspective. It does not help that New Zealand car

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truck going up hill

What to Consider When Buying Used Commercial Trucks

Although buying new trucks is usually the preferred option for many people, the high cost of purchasing a new vehicle makes that option unattractive. In addition to the initial high price, other expenses on the truck, such as maintenance and insurance costs, are relatively high. Therefore, used car trucks become an option for aspiring truck

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Family in a minivan

5 Ways to Start a Van Life

If you think that living a van life every weekend is something that you’d like to try occasionally, then you’re in for a surprise. Van life is becoming a trend nowadays, especially for people who love to stay outdoors. It gives them the option to enjoy nature in a van that has everything that they

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4 Factors That Determine the Resale Value of Any Car

A brand new car starts losing its value immediately it leaves the dealer’s shop. It loses about 10% of the value depending on the brand. So, if you buy a car today and sell it several hours later during the day, you will make a loss of at least 10% of its value. Sad, right?

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3 Effective Tips to Keep Your Car Tires in Their Right Condition

The condition of any vehicle’s tires contributes to its performance. It is, therefore, necessary to keep them in good condition. Doing this may include checking their pressure to determine whether they require additional inflation. Usually, car tires affect a vehicle’s gas consumption. It is likely that a car running with worn-out tires will consume more

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Luxury Car

Tips to Help Take Care of a Luxury Car

Luxury cars cost double and triple the cost of regular cars. This is why if you buy one, you need to really make sure that your investment will last longer, which can be done through proper care. The following are effective tips for luxury car owners so they can properly take care of their automobiles:

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