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Should You Consider Bootstrap Financing a New Business or Not?

They say the pandemic can be a great time to invest in a business. This is especially true if you have fully-funded emergency savings, you are able to tolerate risks, and have enough cash on hand to support your business. But one question that many business owners-wannabes need to consider is whether they should use

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What You Should Teach Employees About Handling Money

How can you expect your employees to know what’s at stake in your business if they don’t know how to handle their finances? Employees who are always in debt have a questionable understanding of how to build your business. How can you trust them to understand what your business needs financially if they can’t even

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Paying Off Debt Vs. Building Your Savings: Which One is Right For You?

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the country’s economic and social disparities. Thus, leaving millions of people grappling to make ends meet. Many have even found themselves using their emergency savings to cope up. Some even resulted in relying on their credit cards more. At least 34 percent of millennials noted that they’ve fallen deeper into

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Can I Pass Down My Debts to My Heirs? FAQ About Debts After Death

So many people are burdened with debts, usually credit cards and mortgages. As they repay, they may occasionally wonder what will happen to their debts when they suffer an untimely demise. While that’s such a dark thought to have, it’s also pretty wise, because indeed, can your surviving family members inherit your loans? Nobody wishes to

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Why People Easily Fall for Financial Scams

You may have, in one instance or another, received a phone call talking about an offer that’s too good to be true. Or maybe you’ve received an email containing a link that says you’ve won a certain large amount of money. Other times you’re browsing the internet and bombarded with ads that say you can

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Everything You Need to Know about Tax Grievance in New York

Like in many other states, local governments in the state of New York rely on revenue from property taxes to fund public services such as schools, law enforcement, fire protection, parks and recreation, and road construction. These taxes ensure that communities remain safe and desirable for New Yorkers. However, it can also impose a heavy

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Is Whole Life or Term Insurance Right for You?

Are you considering getting insurance? You may have already narrowed your choices between term and whole life insurance. Both have similar advantages for those who want to take a cautious approach with their money. Those who are considering getting either one want to have access to an emergency fund and provide enough money for their

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Ways You Could Be Unknowingly Committing Tax Fraud

A distinction should be made between tax avoidance and tax evasion. The first one aims to lower the tax bill by structuring the transactions to reap the maximum tax benefits. Tax evasion or fraud is different. It is a conscious attempt to deceit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to reduce tax liabilities. A good accountant can

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Invest While You’re Young: Where Should You Spend Your Salary

Now that you’ve joined the workforce, it’s time for you to start earning a decent wage. After subtracting your living expenses, you’ll have a bit of money left for whatever you want to get. Some splurge on clothes, shoes, and other items they can now afford. Some eat like kings, now that they can order

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Tips for Millennials: Practical Solutions to Combat Financial Struggle

Millennials, born between the 1980s and early 2000s, make up 25% of the UK population. They are often mentioned in current affairs, as they are creating a significant impact on various industries around the world. For example, when choosing properties, almost half of them prefer to rent than to purchase a home. Some people think

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