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ACA Helps Many People Gain Access to Quality Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act was passed to bring cheaper healthcare and insurance to poor families. As this has opened doors to care for marginalized people, clinics have become full to overflowing. While this is affecting the workload of many doctors, hospitals are taking the necessary actions to keep their staff from being overworked. The Affordable Care

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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Your Dream Home Through Mortgage

While owning a house ranks high on the to-do list of many people, realizing this dream can prove to be tricky. In fact, more than 38 million American households struggle to pay off their mortgage. Most of these families took on a home loan that was way above their financial capabilities, and now they’re suffering the

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Why You Should File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are going through a difficult time and you have overflowing debt and other unpaid fees, you might be considering filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is the most preferred option for many. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City can help you understand the situation and the actions you can take. Causes of Bankruptcy

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Jump-starting your Small Business through Consumer Financing

Providing an in-house financing plan to your consumers can greatly improve your sales. It can also build a continuous, repeat clientele. Startups that provide customer financing often experience increased sales by a huge percentage. This is based on the fact that most customers make additional purchases in the establishments where they receive customer financing. Explained

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Top Tips to Save Money When Buying a New House

Buying your dream house does not have to ruin you financially. While homes seldom come cheap, there are many ways you can save money during the buying process. Try one of these simple ones. Look for the best mortgage rates Most homebuyers use a mortgage to finance their homes. If you intend to do the

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Why Set Up a Family Trust: The Top 5 Benefits

Family trusts have been gaining steam these past years, and why not? It’s an entirely legal way to safeguard your assets for you and your loved ones. Your assets would be owned by the family trust instead of an individual and would be managed by trustees — whom you’ll appoint — for your beneficiaries. What

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Vetting Before Purchasing: Checking Out Your Potential Neighborhood

You may not realize this now, but liking the neighborhood you will be moving to is just as important as liking your new home. Before you fall in love with a home and decide to buy it, carefully evaluate the neighborhood. Aside from using a home mortgage calculator online from American Loans, use web resources to check

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Investing in Real Estate: Commercial Property Types to Consider

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio and include safeguards against the volatility of the investment market, why not incorporate some property investments in your portfolio? If you don’t know where to start, take a look at some of the most common commercial property investment types below. Retail Spaces or Buildings The key to

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FAQs about Investing in a Multifamily Home

If you are considering buying a multifamily home, understand that there are two types of multifamily properties: residential and commercial. Residential properties have two, three, or four units, while commercial properties have five or more units representing the investment of the owner. We look at the second type of multifamily property and explore the most

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Use an Online Police Check to Improve Job and Business Opportunities

There are many reasons you need a police clearance certificate. The national police check certificate is as important to individuals as it is to businesses and the government. Police Clearance Certificate for Individuals A police clearance certificate is vital to individuals, as you will need it for a job application, visa application, adoption application processing, overseas employment

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