group of women eating in a restaurant

How to Go Back to Eating at a Restaurant While in Recovery

Recovering from an eating disorder, whether it be bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating, can be difficult. After undergoing a bulimia treatment program in Westport or any other place in the U.S., it’s difficult to go back to doing even the simplest things such as eating at a restaurant for fear that you might fall into

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Woman experiencing migraine

Occupational Diseases: What are they, and how do you prevent them?

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 70% of workers don’t have any insurance in case of occupational disease and injuries, and proper workplace health initiatives can reduce absenteeism due to sick leaves by 27%, and reduce health-care costs for businesses and companies by 26%. As such, it’s clear that any

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Pain in the back of neck

Whiplash-associated Disorders: Their Impact on Quality of Life

The long and busy roads of Los Angeles are witnesses to hundreds of truck accidents every year. They can also be the sites of different kinds of injuries such as whiplash. What these roads don’t have—and what many people don’t know—is the knowledge that an injury as simple as whiplash can have long-lasting effects. Why

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Dental implants model

Moving mountains

Hidden orthodontics in St John’s Woods. Where? St John’s Woods is a beautiful, idyllic sanctuary of a village, nestled in the heart of London. In the midst of the metropolis, in a city revered for its hustle and bustle identity – St John’s Woods is an oasis of an area that offers its residents peace

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woman getting her checkup with doctor

How the Healthcare Industry Benefits from Using PBX Systems

As technology continues to develop over the years, so will its advantages and applications in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, healthcare facilities have found various ways to use technological advances to make their services better for everyone involved, including patients and healthcare providers alike. One of these is the use of private branch exchange (PBX) systems

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Why Life by the Beach is Heaven on Earth

In a country surrounded by beaches, it’s impossible not to appreciate their breathtaking appeal. The beauty of the sunsets, the feel of the sand between bare toes, and the fresh, salty air clear our minds of clutter. Beaches are heaven on earth; they bring a deep sense of calm and connectedness with nature that can’t

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Group of Students

How Schools in the UK Can Reduce Student Allergies

Allergies remain one of the most common health problems among children in the UK. According to data, at least one in every five kids has allergic rhinitis. The rates are higher among those with asthma. Allergy is a complex disease. Asthma, for instance, still has no official cause. What science has figured out are the

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5 Signs of Pregnancy to Look Out For

Are you wondering if you’re pregnant? It’s difficult to interpret the signals that your body is sending you, especially if you’re trying to conceive. You might get anxious about checking the symptoms, speculating if you’re pregnant or not. Many signs and symptoms signal the body to make you aware that you’re pregnant. It’s important to know

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Woman listening to dentist's advice

Prevention Rather than Cure

Preventive dentistry is becoming increasingly important in the development of dental treatments and the focus of dental surgeries. Life-style programmes such as smoking cessation, healthy eating advice and specific oral health programmes for children have become mainstays of good dental practice. It’s good to find local dentist in Alexandra that meets the needs of both

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Dental implant teeth model

A Throne to the Crown

When a tooth has been knocked out or removed due to decay, the forward narrative reads tooth gaps in smiles, dentures that fall out and possible ongoing complications for surrounding teeth. Although crowns, dentures and bridges are colour-matched, creating a cosmetic solution, there’s always going to be a compromise because, unlike natural teeth, these tooth

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