Dealing with hairfall

Hair Fall: Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Our appearances play a crucial role in our everyday lives. Not only does it affect how we see ourselves, but the perception of other people as well. And of all our physical characteristics, our hair is perhaps the most important part of our looks. This is usually the first thing that people notice, and the

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pregnant woman

Experiencing Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is a magical thing. There are many moments in this journey that are full of emotional highs. You and your partner may be trying to conceive. Or you are just starting to embark on the next nine months of nurturing a child inside you. Whatever the case may be, here are some pregnancy milestones

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man consulting to a doctor

Afraid of Visiting a Doctor? Here’s How to Overcome Your Anxiety

Visiting a doctor may seem a common habit to some people. However, others find it hard to feel comfortable going to clinics or hospitals for medical consultations. They feel so anxious whenever they need to go to the doctor. But these people are not actually afraid of seeing the doctor per se. It’s more of

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How to Patch Things Up with Your Kids

As you grow old, you might tend to lose communication with your kids. This is just a fact of life, as most of your kids will eventually get married and have a family of their own. However, some parents and their kids just do not get along well, and as the kid gets older, they

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Man carrying container of recycled materials

Making Your Own Contributions to Save the Environment

More and more people are contributing to creating a greener and safer environment. Everyone is making their own contribution to this world, no matter how small it is. Efforts range anywhere from limiting the use of plastics to selling cars. With enough people pitching in, we can all make a positive difference for our environment. Do

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doctor reading results

Legionnaires’ Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Environmental factors are one of the significant causes of health illnesses and infections. One of these medical conditions that are acquired through dirty water and the air is Legionnaires’ disease. This condition is due to a bacteria called Legionella pneumophilia, which is commonly found in soil or water. People get sick with Legionnaires’ disease when

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surgeons in the room

Three Ways to Make Your Surgery Safer

The thought of getting surgery is stressful to most and terrifying to some. For those who have never gotten operated on before, it is a completely new experience. It is also naturally a stressful process. Not only is there pain involved, but you might have complications during the surgery itself. You could have difficulty healing

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a free spirited woman

Hitting the Gym: How Can You Motivate Yourself?

Everyone wants to be fit. But sometimes, the flesh is weak even if the spirit is willing. You might be too tired to hit the gym for any reasons. Maybe you have a busy schedule, and when you come home from work, you are too tired. Maybe you always have prior engagements. Whatever the reason,

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What You Need to Learn About Black Lung Disease

The cases of black lungs have exponentially grown for the past 50 years. Now, even men who are in their 30s are getting affected by this disease. Experts say that the current regulations lack control when it comes to protecting mine workers from coal dust, which makes it challenging to reduce the rise of black lung

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