How Your House Could Make You Sick

A home is a place where we rest, eat, bond, and spend most of our everyday life in. However, what do we do if our house is the one making us sick? A healthy home is the key to living a healthy life. If your house is filled with things that might make you sick,

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Neuropathy 101: What is it and How is it Treated?

Neuropathy is a term referring to various diseases affecting the nerves. There are 100 billion nerves found in the body, which works by transmitting messages to the brain and back. Every sensation people feel, such as pain, tingling, cold and hot temperatures, among others, are transmitted by nerve cells in various points. When these nerves

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people at the park

Alternative Routes for the Path of Health and Wellness

“Health is Wealth” is an age-old adage that remains true to this very day. The times might not illustrate it well, but it still drives the point that we need to put our overall health above all else. If we neglect one aspect or the other, we risk the chance of failing in life, regardless

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girl having dental anxiety

A Better Practice: How to Ease Dental Anxiety With Digital Marketing

Because of the importance of oral hygiene to overall health, visiting a dental practice is a normal part of life. However, even though everyone knows the benefits of routinely going to the dentist, some people are absolutely terrified of the thought. How can your dental practice sustain business if patients hesitate or refuse to make

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How an Inpatient Rehab Program Can Help You

Substance abuse has destroyed the lives of many people. If it’s negatively impacting your life, then it’s time to consider checking in to a rehab program. The goal of rehabilitation is to help the person stop drug use and develop the skills necessary to rebuild and be productive in life. This seems easier said than

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Dealing with hairfall

Hair Fall: Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Our appearances play a crucial role in our everyday lives. Not only does it affect how we see ourselves, but the perception of other people as well. And of all our physical characteristics, our hair is perhaps the most important part of our looks. This is usually the first thing that people notice, and the

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pregnant woman

Experiencing Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is a magical thing. There are many moments in this journey that are full of emotional highs. You and your partner may be trying to conceive. Or you are just starting to embark on the next nine months of nurturing a child inside you. Whatever the case may be, here are some pregnancy milestones

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man consulting to a doctor

Afraid of Visiting a Doctor? Here’s How to Overcome Your Anxiety

Visiting a doctor may seem a common habit to some people. However, others find it hard to feel comfortable going to clinics or hospitals for medical consultations. They feel so anxious whenever they need to go to the doctor. But these people are not actually afraid of seeing the doctor per se. It’s more of

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How to Patch Things Up with Your Kids

As you grow old, you might tend to lose communication with your kids. This is just a fact of life, as most of your kids will eventually get married and have a family of their own. However, some parents and their kids just do not get along well, and as the kid gets older, they

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