Eating healthy food

Is It Possible to Eat Healthy at Food-food Restaurants?

Do you know that two of the leading causes of obesity in the United States are the availability of junk food and the expensive price tags associated with healthy food? Sugar-sweetened and high-fat junk foods stimulate our brains into wanting more. For susceptible individuals, junk foods are addicting. These are actually compared to alcohol, cannabis,

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis: Therapies, Surgery, and Home Remedies

Plantar fasciitis causes chronic pain in the bottom of your heel or sole. It affects your plantar fascia, the thick ligament connecting your heel to the ball of your foot. The plantar fascia acts as a shock absorber for your sole, helping you walk comfortably. Someone who has plantar fasciitis experiences stabbing pain in their

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old woman waking up

Keeping the Seniors Happy and Healthy During the Pandemic

The possibility of severe illness from COVID-19 scales with age, according to a new study published in Oxford Academic’s Age and Ageing journal. That is because peoples’ immune systems get weaker as they grow older. Seniors who have a pre-existing illness are especially at risk. Fortunately, social distancing for them won’t be a problem for

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Man with close up angry face

How to Tell If Someone’s Impulsive Behavior is out of Control

The main difference between a risk-taker and an impulsive person is that one takes the time to study the pros and cons, while the other simply jump into things. What’s dangerous is if these two traits combine and you get an impulsive risk-taker. On its own, being impulsive is not necessarily a sign of trouble.

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Man telling about his problems while lying on the couch at the psychotherapist

5 Signs You May Need a Grief Counselor

Grief counseling is a form of therapy that aims to help people cope with a significant loss, whatever it may be. Bereavement counseling, on the other hand, helps people deal with the loss of a loved one. Both of these programs are crucial for people who don’t have the capability to deal with loss on

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Healthy food

How to Effectively Diet-Proof Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be your friend, or it can be your enemy when you are on a diet. With the right mindset, you can use this space to your advantage. Here are some simple ideas for ensuring that your kitchen is working for you, not against you. 1. Use Measuring Cups to Portion Your Food.

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Coronavirus Quarantine: Pointers for Dementia Caregivers at Home

The alarmingly fast spread of the coronavirus has forced the UK government to establish strict social distancing measures. That means that people are confined to their homes. They are barred from all outside activities except for essential trips, such as buying supplies. Although the community quarantine is critical to controlling the further spread of the

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Going Vegan: Is it the Right Choice for You?

We’re lucky to live in this generation that caters to and embraces a wide variety of diets and lifestyles. It’s great that there are now more options to choose from, especially for people with very specific health and moral concerns. As such, vegan restaurants here in Albuquerque, NM and many other states are seeing an

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emergency sign

Know When Your Child Needs Emergency Care: 4 Signs

Having children can make life enjoyable. But there are times when they can be very delicate. They can get sick quickly and unexpectedly. And there are times when they may do things that get them in serious trouble that requires medical attention. As a parent, you need to know first aid. There are times when

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fruits and vegetables

Improve Your Diet with More Fruits and Vegetables

One of the best ways to improve your nutrition is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Some of the most original ideas to add these healthy foods to your diet are leveling up your pasta sauce with grated carrots and zucchini, making delicious and unique fruit purees, or merely adding different kinds of fruits in

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