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Which Real Estate Investment Strategy is Right for You?

Next to stocks and bonds, real estate is one of the greatest investments people are making. Real estate and stocks are complete opposites. While stocks are highly volatile, intangible, and are affected during a recession, real estate is more stable, is tangible, and isn’t as affected by recessions. But both give you great returns. It’s

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Timely Switch Offs: Quick Hacks to an Energy-Efficient Business

Many of us fear the dark. It’s but instinct. But you may have to flip the switch off when you hear how much we’re actually wasting energy daily. Statistics show Americans spend at least $130 billion on energy that nobody is using. In short, wastage energy. Findings by McKinsey and Company research in 2009 that businesses and

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home improvement

Five Home Improvement Projects That You Should Take On

Over the past months, families have been forced to stay at home for their own safety. While restrictions have been lighter much recently, the best way to stay safe is to stay at home. Being at home has brought the spotlight to the importance of a spacious, comfortable, and relaxing home that home sales are

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Improvements for Smart Homes

Who doesn’t like technology? Who doesn’t want a happier, better life? In this day and age, one thing goes hand in hand with the other. We can enjoy our lives to the fullest while also making them less stressful and more manageable. A clear example of this is smart homes, how we use technology to improve

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solar powered house

Home Areas that Require Extra Attention for Your Health Amid the Pandemic

The world continues to suffer from the events brought about by the pandemic. People risk their lives just by going into a public space because of the contagious virus. Business establishments have to shut down to prevent the further spread of the virus, while government bodies enforce strict social distancing and safety rules to maintain

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Ensuring Each Room In Your Home Is Properly Designed

Room design does not get enough attention when it comes to homeownership. A lot of people throw furniture into a room and think that’s it. However, if you want rooms that do their purpose at their best, you have to put a bit more thought into them. The best way to do this is by

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greenhouse concept

Greenhouse Upgrades That are Worth the Price

A greenhouse is an amazing investment for any property, especially if you are a green thumb. Having a greenhouse means that you can enjoy longer growing seasons, allowing you to plant weeks or months longer than the usual growing period. Apart from that, you can rest assured that your plants are protected from the weather

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home interior

Transitional Design for Your Home: What You Should Know

When it comes to interior design, adventurous homeowners might want to marry two themes, forming one cohesive theme. The good news is, it is not impossible at all! If you want to blend two design themes, you are basically implementing a transitional design. For starters, transitional design is a reflection of a space’s merging of

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home value

Effective Ways to Increase Your Home Value

Taking care of your home should be a top priority if you want to protect your investment. Whether you want to sell your house or not, you need to maintain your house and improve it when necessary. You should also find ways to boost its value over time. Here are simple ways to increase your

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