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Home Design in a Personalized yet Budget-friendly Way

How much of yourself are you showing in your home’s design? For those who are sure they will be in that house for a long time, there’s no need to hold back on personalization. It’s your house, but it will only truly be your home if it gives you comfort and joy. To add more

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4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

Home prices have been steadily increasing over recent times. Many homeowners believe that the prices will continue to rise over the next decade. With homes being among the biggest assets for many, it is important to ensure it is in good shape and can attract maximum value should you opt to sell it. Getting the

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Don’t Screw Up by Using the Wrong Screws

You don’t usually put in too much attention to detail in simple home projects — but even little things like wrong screws can make the difference between a successful project and a forgettable attempt. You can’t just use stainless steel metal screws on everything. The type of screws you use — and even the material

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Types of Fireplace Inserts

A traditional masonry fireplace is still a design statement in modern properties. It provides a cozy and inviting look to a room while offering a heating solution. Unfortunately, while it is high in aesthetic appeal, this fireplace will barely meet your heating needs since a large portion of generated heat is lost. The ideal choice

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Modern Window Treatment Options: Controlling Window Blinds

You have different options nowadays for your window’s covering, but blinds are the most popular. These are shades comprising vanes or slats that run vertically or horizontally. They can be used for both tall and wide windows which would otherwise be hard to cover with other window treatments. Window blinds come in various styles with

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Three Easy Ways to Create a Healthy Office Environment

The office environment affects employees in profound ways you sometimes overlook. It can either boost or dampen their morale. It can either encourage collaboration or ruin it. It can even predict their health, making them more productive or getting them sick. The latter is what business owners often overlook—but the one you can’t afford to

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The Beauty of Community Gardening in Cities

Community gardening is an opportunity for people to come together and grow food and botanicals in one place. Over the years, the expansion of cities has sparked countless initiatives to make public spaces greener and inclusive. The mere act of planting flowers, fruit, and vegetables in a communal greenhouse or urban farm is satisfying. But

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Making Sure Your Rented Place Feels Like Home

As fewer people buy a house and more people rent due to the lack of affordable housing units on the market, it’s a respectable choice that you do the same. After all, if there are fewer houses for sale and more people eager to buy, the prices could go beyond your budget. Does this mean

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Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Handles

You just had your kitchen renovated. Everything is nearly done. Now, it is time to do the finishing touches of your special home project: find the right kitchen handles. Buying architectural hardware from Castella  for your kitchen cabinets and drawers may look easy as it gets. But this is one reason why we often end

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