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Rising Above Being a Mediocre Citizen

It is easy to get caught up with one’s affairs and forget the world around you. But in reality, each person is a part of a bigger picture outside themselves. Children and adults alike are all citizens of a country. The greater responsibility lies in adults, though. How does one demonstrate being a good citizen

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Divorce agreement form being signed

Estate Planning Documents You Should Change During or After a Divorce

In most cases, people don’t get married expecting to be separated in the future. Most couples plan to grow old together and make preparations for their wife or husband’s welfare in the event of your demise or incapacitation. They draw up relevant estate planning documents detailing their wishes for the disposal of their wealth and assets.

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talking to a lawyer

Be Prepared: What to Ask a Litigation Lawyer

Hiring any type of lawyer can be a bit stressful and confusing, especially if you have never been through such a dilemma before. You definitely have to make sure that you will be hiring the right type of lawyer for your case, as doing so will help build your chances of winning the case. Below,

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Things You Should Know About Visitation and Divorce

It’s sad to know that you and your partner are no longer happy with each other. Both of you are wishing to get a divorce. For you to resolve a dispute over children, finances, or splitting property, you can conveniently find the best  divorce mediation services in Denver and other areas now. This is the quickest

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How to Prepare for Your Own Legal Case

It is normal for people to agonize over the legal cases they face because these could seriously derail their careers, affect their families, and bankrupt them financially. Whether it’s a minor legal case involving contractual obligations or a major car accident that has resulted in injuries and fatalities, any issues that involve facing the court,

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What to Expect When You Get Slapped with a DUI Violation

First of all, you shouldn’t be getting a DUI violation in the first place. Drunk driving is dangerous — not just for you, but for everyone else around you. Chicago and the rest of Illinois treat DUI violations very seriously. If you do get slapped with a DUI violation, you’ll get more than a suspended

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Top 3 Criminal Defense Law Myths Debunked

The last thing you want is work with an incompetent and inexperienced lawyer who only talks about the figures in payments, but has no client’s interests at heart. This is why you will need to be thorough with your research. The most convenient time to unmask your lawyer’s experience and professionalism is during the interview.

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Top 3 Signs You Need to Change Your Lawyer

No two cases can be the same. Some will be much more demanding than others. Others will take time before a settlement or verdict is made. Whichever the case, it’s essential that your lawyers represent you to the best of their knowledge, experience, and skills. Watch out for the reds flag for you to change

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Little boy hugging his father

Child Custody in Washington State: Basic Things You Need to Know 

Child custody in Washington involves many complex processes.  Apart from all the paperwork, the court shall conduct a thorough investigation between the two parents. They need to evaluate many factors including the parties’ financial capacity, criminal records, and relationship with the children. While some parents settle this issue on their own, it is best to get

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