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Install Covered Walkways and Give Your School an Edge

walkway cover leading to a school

Installing covered walkways on your school property might seem like a costly project until you look at the advantages that come with it. It helps keep your student safe and well regardless of the prevailing weather while improving curb appeal.

Safety is a significant consideration for parents looking to enroll their kids in school. They need assurances that their younglings will be in capable hands and spend their time in a safe surrounding. Therefore, you should alleviate their fears and prove that your facility will keep their children safe as they pursue an education.

Improve the Curb Appeal

A school is a business that helps build a brighter future for students walking through the doors. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to create a positive first impression on parents looking to place their kids under your care. Canopies and covered walkways are not only functional but add a touch of class to your outdoor design, increasing the curb appeal.

With the right choice of design and materials, you can add a touch of class and sophistication to your school environment. Imagine how grateful a parent in school will be when they can stroll the 200 metres from the parking lot to the offices in the pouring rain. Such a small convenience will be enough to tip over an undecided parent and have them enroll their child in your school. It makes you come off as caring and considerate, which assures the parent that their kid will be in good hands.

Keep Your Charges Safe

While it’s like children to want to play in the pouring rain or falling snow, the fun only lasts for a few moments. Any longer and you’ll have a health crisis at your hands. If you have sprawling school grounds, you need to keep this in mind as it affects students’ abilities to move between classes and facilities. The last thing that you want is your charges dashing between buildings to avoid getting late for their favourite courses.

Of course, that will give a majority of them an excellent reason to skip classes at every turn. Having students show up for class while soaked to the bone not only affects their learning abilities but also puts their health and well-being in danger. Covering your walkways will solve this problem once and for all, letting you keep your charges safe regardless of the prevailing weather.

Make Great Use of Your Space

children walking safely on school ground

Since your school’s aesthetics matter as well when looking to fill up all your empty spaces, you need to put your space to great use. That means that you can spread out the various learning halls and buildings across the available area. A well-thought-out school layout helps manage and control student traffic and movement without pulling out your hair. It also creates lots of open space where students can hang out safely between lessons and socialise. Spending time outdoors or in areas with lots of natural light has been shown to confer many health and mental benefits on people. Keeping such factors in mind when building your spaces ensure that your students reap the best of both worlds.

With the help of an expert, you can give your school a one-of-a-kind appeal that entices parents to enrol their kids with you. Covered walkways make an excellent way to achieve this feat while creating a safe learning environment for the children. They keep the students safe from the elements, making it possible to move between classes and buildings without endangering their health and well-being. Going the extra mile to keep the kids safe at all times bolsters the amount of trust that parents have in your institution.

3 Common Misconceptions about Online Programs

a woman studyingAs an online student, there are benefits that you will inevitably enjoy throughout your online course. The cost of education is usually lower than compared to the onsite classroom. Another advantage is that you dictate how your schedule should look like, hence the freedom to comfortably work alongside learning.

But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of studying online. Discover some of the misconceptions that have made learners hesitant to enroll in online programs:

1. Getting in touch with your instructor is hard.

There is nothing as frustrating as finding it hard to get hold of your tutor especially when you have a problem with your coursework. In fact, due to the general belief that most instructors are hard to talk to, many individuals are reluctant to enroll in online colleges.

Fortunately, most online course providers understand the importance of communication between students and their lecturers. As such, they have set up stable mailing platforms, forums and virtual office hours for learners to submit projects, ask questions and receive feedback.

2. The system offers low-quality education.

The only difference between online learning and the conventional system is the mode of delivery. Otherwise, the quality of education only depends on the way the syllabus, the methods, delivery, and lecturing is designed.

The fact is that some programs are poorly organized, resulting in poor delivery. However, most courses are categorically designed to conform to the general online education standards concerning reading, attending classes and taking up exams.

3. Distance learners cannot switch between institutions.

At some point in time, you will want to transfer from your college to another due to personal reasons. You can either choose to advance your online paralegal course at The Center For Legal Studies. Or, move due to a job transfer. The worry for most students is that online colleges don’t allow transfers.

On the contrary, most institutions provide transfers for their students. So, it’s prudent to ask your prospective course provider on the same before enrolling for your dream program.

Virtual learning has come at the right time. A time when the job market needed it most. This technology-centered learning has played a significant role, not only in providing relevant skills and experience but also provided an environment for more inventions and innovations.

A+ Certifications Give IT Professionals a Resume Boost

Young woman hiding behind her resumeHiring employees who lack the right skills or technical knowledge can be costly to an organization. It can, after all, lead to employee turnover and reputation damage. Validating certifications is one way employers can prevent the possible risks.

Certifications show your competency as a candidate. In the IT world, getting an A+ certification can help you prove to employers that you know the fundamentals of IT. CertBlaster provides A+ practice tests to help IT professionals prepare for the test and improve their credentials.

What is an A+ Certification?

An A+ certification is one of the industry’s well-known credentials. International standard bodies like government agencies, big tech companies, and ISO use it to measure your foundational knowledge, which is essential to entry-level operations.

It also proves your capabilities as a support technician who understands preventative maintenance for business IT infrastructures.

Preparing for the Tests

You do not have to take specific courses to earn an A+ certification; you just need to pass two exams. Learning and testing go hand-in-hand, after all, and each one increases the success for the other.

A+ practice tests, for instance, can help increase your knowledge and enhance the learning experience. They can, furthermore, allow you to customize the test-taking experience and conduct flashcard reviews.

A More Attractive Resume

Passing the A+ exams to become a certified IT professional is one of the easiest and affordable ways to enhance your resume. A study conducted by CompTIA shows that the certification offers attractive salaries for those in entry-level positions.

Helpdesk 2 support employees, for instance, can earn up to $45,000. Desktop support analysts, on the other hand, can earn up to $60,000.

Obtaining certification can help you expand career opportunities as IT professional, and turn you into a more valuable employee. After all, it’s not good enough to be knowledgeable — it’s better to have the certifications to back it up.

Preschool Programs: What Makes One Preschool Program Better Than the Other?

Children in preschoolPreschool education is one of the most significant influential factors in every child’s academic success. The choice of preschool is, therefore, crucial to their growth. Cost, location, and values are only some of the essential factors to consider when picking a preschool.

Apart from what’s mentioned, the Salt Lake City, Utah preschool program you choose for your child is essential. After all, a high-quality program can affect your child’s development positively. Expert research has revealed that children enrolled in quality programs are more likely to succeed in adulthood. Here are the critical elements of an excellent preschool program:

Learning Environment

The indoor and outdoor environment of a preschool should be well-arranged to promote exploration and independence based on a child’s age. Settings with excess stimulation, such as too much color and clutter, will only distract kids, while boring environments will dampen children’s motivation. Ensure that the environment of the preschool you choose is clean, engaging, and safe.

Operational Support Structures

A quality preschool program should have various functional support structures to promote efficiency. It should involve effective leadership to provide sound management to the overall program. The whole program should also be adequately funded and stable and have well-trained teachers.

Interpersonal Interactions

The interactions in your child’s preschool program are crucial in their development. Their interpersonal interaction should be tailored to encourage independence, the use of responsive language, and active engagement. These interactions, however, should also go beyond the classroom walls.

An effective curriculum is vital to your child’s growth and development. Remember that a good program should be evidence-based and should have well-defined learning objectives. It should also be based on efficient child development principles and should support individualized instruction and family involvement.

3 Simple Tips for Starting Up Your Own Woodwork Business

Professional woodworker measuring woodThe woodworking industry presents a lot of opportunities to earn money, with creativity as your capital. That’s why most skilled woodworkers choose to buy a laser engraving machine — to create interior decorations with ease and in a short span of time.

But, running a business requires more than just talent. Here are some tips on how to be successful in your woodworking venture.

1. Create a business strategy.

You need to have a well-thought plan of how you want to run your business. The plan should include the estimated amount of your capital and all the other details of your business.

You also have to know all the tools that you need and where you’ll buy wood in large quantities. Other parts of your business plan should include your goals in the next five years.

2. Consider setting up a wood workshop.

Once you’ve created a business strategy, it’s now time to consider setting up a workshop. Look for a workshop that has enough space that’ll let you work comfortably. You could be staying for several hours a day in your workshop. So, ensure that it’s comfortable enough for you.

If your garage still has some space, you may even convert it to a workshop to save you money. However, if you’re planning to do a home-based business, you should establish a means of accepting payments from clients and a way for them to get in touch with you for their questions.

3. Advertise your company.

There are several ways to market your business. You could try to work with some interior designers for promotion. You may also showcase some of your products to “highbrow” homeowners. Most of them are wood carving enthusiasts so there’s a chance that they might purchase and even recommend some of your creations.

These are just some ideas on how to successfully start your own woodworking business. Keep in mind that the key to your business’ success is your determination and your passion to persevere.

Why Mediation is the Solution in Company Disputes

Twp workers angry with each otherWith the rise of labor and workers’ rights, disputes between companies and their employees have risen too. Fortunately, governments and businesses have now devised strategies to lessen court cases between companies and employees.

Most business and company disputes can be settled. When a case is filed, you can avoid a long process that might take years, and save time and money that will be spent on legal fees.

If you can settle, you could also prevent further strain on your business relationships. You don’t have to go through a stressful court case.

Considering Mediation

Mediation is a good way to resolve disputes that arise from employment disputes, such as illegal termination, and age discrimination. It is worth trying to resolve matters because it can be beneficial to both parties.

When choosing mediation for employees, the first essential step for both parties is to talk with a qualified mediator to facilitate the discussion. This would be a great way for both parties to reach an agreement and find a solution to the conflict.

Talking things over to find a solution can be the key to quickly resolving a dispute. There are times that emotions can cloud sensibility, and a mediator can help both parties reach an agreement that could help the company overcome this hurdle.

Resolving the Problem

Employees have rights and businesses have interests. There are times that there could be a conflict between the two, and the best way is to resolve it through mediation.

So don’t be too quick to jump into a court case when you find that your company could be involved in a legal dispute. The best move is to find a mediator who could help facilitate a dialogue between you and the other party.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Landing Scholarship

Women applying for scholarshipStudying in college can be expensive. You will have to pay for enrolment, get books, and even look for lodging. This is why many parents and students start to save money for education as early as possible. However, there is one great way that will help you curb the costs or even cancel them: applying for a scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship can be tedious and hard work. There are many requirements to fulfil, and on top of that, you may even take an examination. But if you want to increase your chances of getting a scholarship in Singapore, here are some things you may want to consider.

Broaden your network

From the get-go, you should build your network, especially with your professors and placement office. They are the people that can recommend you to scholarship screeners. Other than this, you should also attend educational and scholarship fairs organised by the school’s placement office.

Be part of an organisation

Schools and scholarship organisations always look for leaders. You may increase your chances of being accepted if you have leadership credentials. What you can do is be part of an organisation, lead an event or project, or better yet, start your club. Increase the visibility of your organisation by being involved in your community.

Apply, apply, apply

Applying for a scholarship can be compared with playing the lottery. You should apply, apply, and apply to increase your chances of landing a scholarship. Make sure that you apply personally so you get to talk to the screener and know more about the school you are aiming for.

These are only some of the things you should keep in mind if you want to land a scholarship. You should also speak with your school’s office placement for more details.

Do Organic Beauty Products Really Work?

Organic creamYou’re hanging out with your girlfriends on a nice Saturday afternoon in Salt Lake City. Hair school was, yet again, one of the topics your friends just can’t stop talking about. They’re all so excited to learn about new hair trends, the new tricks in hair color, or the latest hair products out on the market. One of the debates in your conversation was about all-natural hair products.

Yes, you’ve heard about “organic” or “natural” ingredients being used in some shampoos, but what does it truly mean? And should you be affected by it?

The answer is, yes!

More people are starting to take on the natural way of living. Meaning, they’d rather eat whole foods than frozen dinners. They’d rather use essential oils for insomnia than taking pills filled with chemicals.

The same goes for the beauty product industry. Organic beauty is what they’re calling it, and that industry’s about to explode. The foamy, fragrant shampoo that you normally use could be filled with harmful chemicals and irritants.

Making the switch to natural

Many businesses in the industry have become more aware of the above-mentioned matter. They’re now careful when it comes to the beauty products they use and sell, and even more concerned with the effects it may have on consumers and on the environment.

Giving more value to our surroundings wasn’t just a fad; it’s now an actual way of life for both businesses and individuals. Using organic or all-natural products have many benefits. Here are some:

  • It nourishes hair better.
  • It’s safer on your skin and scalp.
  • It’s environment-friendly.
  • It’s free from any kind of irritants that can build up and harm your hair and skin.

As resistance to going the “all natural” way is futile, might as well get started on a healthier safer beauty regimen.

Job Prospects for a Hotel Management Graduate

Hotel management graduate on her first jobIf you are a hotel management graduate, you can look forward to a promising career. You have many job options where you can apply all the skills you learned in school.

Job Options

After earning your degree in hotel management in Singapore, you can start applying for jobs that are related directly to your course. These include managerial positions in catering, accommodations, restaurant, catering, hotels, and public houses. You can apply for jobs where you will find your degree useful, as well. These include positions in human resources, customer service, tour companies, and retail businesses.

Work Experience

To go far in your career, having experience is necessary. This is why many courses offer industrial placement services. This will allow you to apply everything you learned in school into practice. All the subject-specific and transferable skills you develop can help impress your future employers. Placement service offers a rare chance to learn from industry experts. It also gives you the chance to discover the specific fields in the industry you may want to specialise in.

Useful Transferable Skills

In college, you will learn various skills. These include:

Problem-solving, critical, and analytical skills

These are developed through the time you will devote researching, evaluating, as well as presenting data and arguments.

IT skills

You will learn to analyse and present information through databases and spreadsheets.

Written communication

You will hone the skill through essay and report writing.

Teamwork and negotiation

You will develop these skills by working on projects both as part of a group and individually.

Leadership and delegation

Group tasks will give you the chance to learn how to lead and delegate.

Networking skills

You will gain this skill through constant interaction with your peers.
With a hotel management degree, you can expect a promising career in a variety of fields. Consider the information provided above to help you make an informed decision on the career path you want to pursue.

You Don’t Need to be a Tech Whiz to Get an IT Job

Training program with the aspiring IT professionalsA training program in San Luis Obispo County, California serves as one reason why you don’t need to be a tech expert before gaining employment in the IT industry.

The county’s Office of Education partnered with several groups for the 14-week project, including Amazon, iFixit and Mindbody. What’s even more attractive with this initiative involves paying $70 to the participants per day over the training course’s duration.

Building Experience

San Luis Obispo County’s business liaison, Dan Weeks, said that the program would aim to provide IT and software training to participants in two weeks when the participants would already be a part of the industry.

Weeks added that it would also help companies in screening qualified candidates with the right attitude and training. The program will target military veterans, high school students, college graduates and anyone else without formal IT education.

Other ways to become a full-fledged IT professional includes certification exams, as aspiring IT professionals diligently prepare for this. A Plus Practice Test can help you with this kind of assessment.

Computer Whiz

Technology advancements have mostly led employers to hire the candidates with some form of technical expertise, including computer skills. This type of competency no longer applies exclusively to the IT sector.

That’s because computers have become common in the workplace in almost every industry, not to mention the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 77% of all jobs in the country would require some technical skill by 2020, which means being adept with computers will be useful.


Training programs exist to help the IT industry discover the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. San Luis Obispo County’s project will also be useful in debunking misconceptions that you need to be an expert to land an IT job.