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7 Ways To Groom More Women Leaders

For decades, women have been struggling to reach the top of the ranks in different industries, even if more women have higher educational degrees than men. Additionally, research has shown that companies can benefit more from women leaders, with many saying they “want” high-ranking female executives. But studies show the opposite, as women still lag

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What Lies Ahead For the Future Of Education?

The year 2020 was definitely one for the books. It gave us a slew of events that brought about changes in society and human behavior. There’s the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, protests against racial injustice, the riots that stemmed from them, company and school closures, and an election. Predictably unpredictable. That’s how we would sum

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Top Alternatives to an MBA

There are many benefits to attending business school after earning our college degrees. It would increase our salaries and give us a head start among our peers. It’s a good chance of building a network in the business world. And, most of all, it would help us develop our skills, knowledge, and abilities as a

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Prepping to Go to College Abroad? Here’s All You Need to Know

The application process for colleges abroad differs from country to country. Some are more rigid with their requirements, while others tend to have more or less the same requirements back home. If you want to attend a university outside your home country someday, study your options as early as today. Research everything you can about

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The Timeless Value of Book Cover Designs

We’ve always been told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” And we believe that. We know that there’s a rich and exciting world to discover in the pages of a book, even if it only has plain-colored covers. But when we walk into a bookshop and browse in an online store, what do we

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10 Key Elements That Will Change the Educational System

Distance learning has been around for quite some time now but it is only with the coronavirus outbreak that the entire world has finally embraced it. Now that eLearning is fast becoming the norm, what other changes does the future have in store for education? 10 Things that Will Affect the Future of Education Diversity

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Where to Draw Inspiration as an Automotive Designer

There’s a well-known saying among designers that “great design is transparent.” This might not seem to apply to the realm of automotive design. After all, there are few things a consumer can buy that make a bolder statement than a car. On the contrary, however, the best features of a car have a certain invisibility

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Improve Your Photography by Learning Tangential Disciplines

When you try to become better as a photographer, where do you begin? Most people would instinctively look within the discipline itself. They read about guides on improving composition, directing models, or finding great light. Or perhaps you’ll find the answer on the technical side. You shop for a more advanced camera and new lenses.

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The Adventures of a Student Living Abroad

Being given the privilege to study abroad is a great opportunity for anyone. This will let you have a broader view of life. If you have not experienced life outside your country, you will now have the chance to learn about other people’s cultures and customs. There are many moments in the future that you

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