people at the park

The Importance of Public Spaces to Youth Culture

Any location that can be accessed by the people is classified as a public space. It can be parks, beaches, and roads. The broader sense of the word also includes places in which individuals can willingly enter, but they do have to pay if they wish to gain access to services or amenities. A prime

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A cyclist ahead of other cyclists

What You Need to Know Before Going Road Cycling

Learning to ride a bike can be one of your best achievements as a child. Even adults who are just starting to learn to ride a bike would feel that same elating feeling. It’s those simple joys in life that you can actually along as you grow older, and pass on that passion for outdoors

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Kids doing Karate

How to Motivate Your Child to Love Sports

Young people get easily bored today, no thanks to social media. They find ways to amuse themselves, which sometimes leads them to the wrong path. Your kid may not have found their passion and interests yet, but nothing should stop you from introducing a love for sports to them. Research found that participating in sports

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Happy man holding his catch

Must-Have Gear for Cold Weather Fishing

Most anglers are tempted to pack up their fishing gear when temperatures start dipping and wait until the next spring to engage in the sport. Fishing in the winter can, however, be as enjoyable as in the summer, provided you have the right gear. Moreover, cold weather fishing assures you less competition since most people

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Man playing american football

Four Sports that Are Originally American

America created its history and developed a bootstraps attitude toward making their fortune. Sports are no exception to the rule. Here are four sports that American ingenuity has given birth to. American Football A young sport on the world stage, American football has strong ties to the sports of rugby and mob football. Harvard and

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woman travelling solo

Why You Should Travel the World While You Are Young

Travelling is one of today’s most popular activities. The world has become a smaller place, thanks to the internet, and people have become more interested to see what is out there based on what they see and read online. Travelling uses to be mostly only for those who could afford it, so people usually waited

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Israel Holiday Tour: 3 Foodstuffs to Carry Home

When going for your Israel tour, you should have a list of all items that you should come back with to supply you until the next trip. As such, ensure that you leave enough space in your suitcase for the edible provisions. However, note that according to the United States regulations on travel and importation

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4 of the Best Things You Can Do in Cavite to Pass the Time

Buying a property in Cavite is one of the best decisions you have made, especially in places like Lancaster New City, which is an excellent location primarily if you’re working in Manila. In fact, most Lancaster reviews from websites such as Cavite Properties will tell you why. People typically review the south as a place

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4 Tips to Get Ready for a Summer Boating Trip

Boating trips are one of the most popular leisure activities families and friends could do during the summer. Boating trips are enjoyable as they are relaxing and not as stressful as one might think. However, just like any other activity, a boating trip needs preparation. Here are four tips that will help you prepare well

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The Rewards of Being an Exchange Student

Many students aspire to enter an exchange program. Other than taking in a new and more advanced curriculum, what are the other rewards of studying abroad? Here are three of the major advantages. Visit a New Country and See More of the World One of the main reasons why students aspire to live and study

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