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Photography Ideas and Safety Tips in the Time of Corona

It’s hard to be creative in a time of pandemic and recession. It feels like beauty and art are the last things we should be thinking about when we’re barely surviving, and so many in the world are suffering. But creativity can be a force for good in times of upheaval. In her book “When

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Maturely Dealing with and Taking Care of Your Aging Parents

Part of adulthood also means coming to terms that your parents are getting on in years. It comes with a lot of big decisions and future planning on your part. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative experience that creates a strain between you and your dear parents, though. If you’re in that stage

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Wild life

Capture It: Pointers for Photographing Wildlife

Maybe you have seen the stunning photo spreads in National Geographic magazines. Or maybe, you are fascinated by the images in a natural sciences museum. Regardless of how you have discovered wildlife photography, you cannot deny that this discipline of photography is interesting. And people are getting more drawn to it since digital SLR technology

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Maximize Your Kit Lens Before You Move on to Better Photography

In the realm of consumer technology, manufacturers don’t always put their best foot forward. Sometimes, this is due to an accident or oversight. The design of the Subaru head gasket is an example; the initial stock gaskets would rarely last over 120k miles before leaking oil. Owners would then have to find a replacement gasket

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5 Most Iconic Royal Weddings in Recent History

Weddings are undoubtedly exceptional, celebrating the union of two people in holy matrimony in grand and lavish weddings in Kent. If you can’t have castles as your wedding venues in Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, you can rent spaces or sprawling gardens for your big day. Royal weddings are a whole category on their own; they have fascinated

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How the Pandemic Can Catalyze Your Improvement as a Photographer

Everybody has had to navigate the challenges of the pandemic in their unique ways. Many students are getting used to online classes. Businesses are getting their workers together online and collaborating through various platforms and channels. People from all walks of life are coping with loss and physical distancing through increased social media interactions. For

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The Wedding Guest’s Guide on Choosing the Right Attire

Being a guest at someone’s wedding is one of the most fun experiences to be had, but only if you observe proper etiquette. The most important of which is the event’s dress code. Dress codes can be confusing to follow if they’re not specified enough. Luckily, purchasing the perfect men’s country wear from UK shops

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Food photography

A Guide to Taking IG-worthy Food Photos

If you’re not snapping photos of your food before eating it, then you’re not doing Instagram right. Whether you’re an aspiring local food blogger or a simple foodie who just wants to up your Instagram feed, here’s how to take your smartphone food photos to the next level: Shoot in natural light Natural light is the

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Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Everybody wants to lead a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. This doesn’t mean living in a million-dollar mansion; it means adopting a healthy lifestyle. Reports show that life expectancy in most countries is reducing significantly due to poor lifestyle and risky habits. For this reason, it is essential to learn ways to improve your lifestyle and

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Four Ways Women Can Start Living Green

Every decision we make can take a toll on the environment. Thanks to the many campaigns made available these days, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the bad practices that lead to the destruction of the planet. The good news is that each one of us can make a big difference even if you start

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