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Reasons Video Marketing Makes Sense

Content creation doesn’t revolve in text-only pieces alone; video also matters. As a matter of fact, concentrating just on text can cause you to lose precious opportunities to get noticed, generate traffic, gather leads, and close sales. Whether you’re trying to secure a Google ranking above the fold, or strengthen your hold onto the top

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web developement

The Interface Revolution in Web Design: Beauty in Simplicity

Web design, as shown in recent trends, is taking a bold turn and going for less in overall look and feel. It has been said that a design can only be called perfect when it has been rid of the non essential elements. believes that keeping a web design simple gives it an elegant

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing: A Marriage of Design and SEO

It was inconceivable as recently as twenty years ago to imagine that people would use the Internet to do banking and regular activities like buying groceries, furniture and clothes online. The Internet has radically changed the way people live their lives – thanks to a multitude of programs, sites and apps, shopping and gathering information

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SEO process

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Raising the buying public’s awareness to business is one of the biggest goals that business owners need to accomplish. It takes a great deal of work to do so. More than raising awareness, though, you need to affect them enough to do business with you for you to make conversions. With the last quarter of

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What Makes a Future-Safe Link?

The changes in the search landscape from a decade ago have been massive, but one thing remains crucial in every SEO campaign: links. Yes, even though search engines cracked down on link building and rolled out policies on this, it still remains an essential part of every marketing campaign. With links at the core of

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WordPress Post

Up a Notch: How Blog Writing takes SEO to the Next Level

The web can be a very competitive space, and only a certain number of sites can get the desirable first page ranking on the search engine results pages (SERP). Even after you have optimized every page, worked on the entire link building basics, conducted a dedicated keyword research and created a visually appealing site, you

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