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junk cars

Why There’s Money in Junk Cars

Junk vehicles refer to automobiles that have been deemed too costly to repair by insurance companies. When a car is involved in an accident, the insurance company assesses the damages done to the vehicle. If the cost to repair is more than 70% of its total value, that vehicle will no longer be repaired and

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Building a Secure Future: Insurance for Carpenters

When you’re in the construction business, insurance coverage for builders is essential, as daily operations expose builders to possible mishaps. A small misstep on a scaffold could result in an accident. The risk that comes with this trade is definite, and in fact, it’s listed as one of the most dangerous jobs in Australia. Whether

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flat roof

Commercial Roofing: Why Flat Roofs are Beneficial

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs for a number of reasons.  Flat roof construction consists of two layers – an under layer and a top layer or coat. Roofing systems that are designed for flat roofs use synthetic material like PVC, rubber, modified bitumen or asphalt for the top coat.  These cover layers have to be

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Why Should You Get Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Insurance for professional indemnity gives financial protection for those whose profession affects other people, and for which they are typically held responsible. In the scenario of a client suffering financial loss due to alleged neglect or error or omission, this insurance will meet the expenses of defending the claims and any resultant damages that might be payable. Whatever

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