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Like Glitter and Gold: Inside the Most Luxurious Nation on Earth

When people are asked about Monaco, the first images that come to mind are glitzy shots of millionaires living the high life. Indeed, this picture is not too far from reality. An estimated one in three people living in Monaco are millionaires, and the tiny nation has strived to brand itself as the ideal destination

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Best Buyer Incentives That Will Sell Your Home Fast

You will buy a home aiming to spend your whole life in it and raise generations in the same place. Like all things, however, this is not guaranteed, and you might need to relocate at some point for one reason or another. In most cases, relocation is hinged on a timeline, and you ordinarily need

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Many New Homeowners End Up with Regret

Buying a house in Queensland can be fulfilling. It provides security, gives you the freedom to decorate, and helps you build your wealth passively through land appreciation and tap instant funds over time with a home equity loan. Furthermore, purchasing one of the most sought-after new properties in Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane can be a

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tenant screening

Basics In Tenant Screening And Selection

Getting a tenant for your property can be easy depending on your property’s features, but aside from that, it’s also quite reliant on what kind of person your prospective tenant is like. Vetting candidates is extremely important for any landlord or property; you want to be sure to find a tenant who will treat your

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Why You Have a Regular Sunken Paver Problem

Paver bricks and stones usually sink with time. However, if yours are sinking prematurely even after relaying them, you have a reason to worry. The good news is that such a problem is solvable. All that you need to do is find the cause of the problem. You should also be careful not to make

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Reasons to Live in St. George

Fact: there’s more to Utah than Salt Lake City. For example, if you’re craving for the outdoors, then there’s only one place to go. That’s St. George! Make no mistake about it, though: this city offers a lot than adventure. Here are the best reasons to consider St. George a home: 1. So Many Outdoor

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How Loft-Style Living Began, and Why It’s so Expensive Now

TV series, especially those set in Mid-Atlantic states like New York and Pennsylvania, love putting up their main characters in lofts. The loft is the fifth character in the comedy series New Girl. Barry Allen in The Flash lives in an exposed brick loft apartment with his girlfriend. The titular characters in Two Broke Girls

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Why Life by the Beach is Heaven on Earth

In a country surrounded by beaches, it’s impossible not to appreciate their breathtaking appeal. The beauty of the sunsets, the feel of the sand between bare toes, and the fresh, salty air clear our minds of clutter. Beaches are heaven on earth; they bring a deep sense of calm and connectedness with nature that can’t

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dream home

How to Successfully Buy Your Dream Home

You need to curb your enthusiasm when buying a home as it can lead you to make costly mistakes. Rather than rushing through the process, you need to approach each process from the point of knowledge. There are many advantages to owning the roof over your family’s head. Not only do you get to create

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