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The Primary Elements of a Compelling CTA Button

Call to action written in chalkThere are several elements that work together to enhance the efficiency of your web design in online marketing. One of the most critical aspects is the “call to action” (CTA) button. The best performing CTA button categories include the “buy now,” “learn more,” and “subscribe” buttons.

Regardless of the CTA buttons you pick for your web design from a designer in Worcester, there are some unique elements that they should feature. These elements make the difference between a compelling and a drab CTA and impact your lead conversion rate. Here are the primary components of an effective CTA:


Size is arguably the most essential feature of a CTA design. Your button should be visible but not too big that it overshadows other elements on your web page. The shape, color, and graphic effects of the button are primarily influenced by the different aspects of your page design as they should ideally complement the latter.


You have a limitation on the number of words you can include in the CTA button. Make sure that the few words you include are compelling and clear without coming across as forceful, which ordinarily puts off clients. According to research, words such as “guarantee,” “free,” “new,” and “results” suggest a value for the customer and encourage more clicks compared to other words.


Experts estimated that only a few leads are attributed to CTA buttons at the bottom of pages since most clients do not read an entire web page. Placing CTA buttons in the middle of a page, however, results in a high conversion rate. You can include multiple CTAs throughout your web page to boost your conversion rate.

After making your ideal choices of the above elements, A/B testing is vital. This straightforward process assures you that you have selected the right message, design, and placement. Though small, a CTA button with the right elements will have a significant impact on your SEO and lead conversion.

Your Website, a Marketing Tool

Web developer creating a business websiteA website is not just there to save the domain name of your brand. It is also there to serve as a place where people can look for information about your brand; it is your face online. Just like the actual face, you do not see beneath the surface. 

What you see is what graphic and web design experts like in Croydon have put together to help you market your business. These elements should be present: 

A Concise Homepage 

This is where people are introduced to your website–where you talk about what you are willing and able to offer. Here, you can use product keywords sparingly, as you can target those in individual pages. This is your first chance to reel customers in, so keep it classy and concise. 

Call to Action 

A website's main aim is to inform, but certain pages have different purposes. For instance, a Contact Us page should encourage site visitors to fill up the enquiry form and click on the submit button. For e-commerce sites, the Buy button is the usual call to action. Calls to action typically use short action words such as 'buy', 'send' or 'go'. Attention is often given to these calls to action because they complete a transaction or lead the visitor somewhere else. 

A Source of Information 

One part of your website could be a blog where you discuss the specifics of your product and address client concerns. Especially if you are in a technical industry, blogs help bridge the knowledge gap between laymen and your scientific team. Even for common products, your blog can discuss problems encountered by your customers and where your product comes in to solve them. It is important to address pain points to highlight how you will be of great help in their life. 

Your website is a handy marketing tool. It is also a source of information, so keep it updated and maintained. 

3 Things to Keep Your Keyword Research Always on Point

Keyword researchEvery time Google updates its algorithm, it affects all aspects of your SEO marketing efforts — including your keyword research strategy. This means that you should also get in the habit of revisiting your strategy to see if it’s still working or not. 

Below are top three things to keep in mind when tweaking your keyword research strategy:

1. Never Force Keywords

Keyword stuffing and placing keywords in places where they obviously don’t belong is simply a no-no. Modern and effective SEO is all about using keyword variations and phrases that flow naturally within an article, explains SEO Werkz and other top SEO consultants in Utah. This is to preserve user experience and to communicate to search engines that you value user experience above everything else and deserve a higher ranking. If a keyword or phrase sounds forced, don’t use it or use a variation of it. If you’re still not sure, think like a user.

2. Use a Balanced Combination of Long-Tail Keywords and Head Terms

Long-tail keywords have more than three words, like “How to contour a round face,” while head terms are simple and short keywords like “contour tips.” The difference between the two is that most SEO marketers prefer head terms, which means that you’d have to compete with thousands of sites for them, which means that you have more difficulty ranking for them. 

On the other hand, while long-tail keywords are less competitive, they’re also searched less by users. The bottom line? You need to understand how your target market searches for things online and use both long-tail and head terms in your SEO campaign.

3. Identify What your Target Market is Searching for

The most vital thing for keyword research is to know what your target market is searching for when they go online. Put simply, if you cannot imagine your target consumers using your current keywords when they search, perhaps it’s time to replace them with new ones. You have to create content that would serve your target market after all.

All in all, you should never be complacent when it comes to keyword research. Reevaluate your strategy every few months or at least whenever Google releases updates. You might have to come up with new ones when your current ones don’t work anymore and get into the mindset of your target market.


Wi-Fi and Sensors: The Partners-in-Crime of GNSS Simulators

Man using a sensory equipmentYou may not be aware of it, but we’ve been using global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for the longest time. Cars, helicopters, planes, and even mobile phones carry them.

Big companies such as CAST Navigation use GNSS simulators for technology training purposes without flying a helicopter or a plane every day. Accuracy and availability are key to sustaining an efficient satellite-based navigation system. But what exactly does a GNSS simulator need?

Connectivity to Wi-Fi

GNSS is a powerful autonomous geo-spatial positioning device and is strengthened even more with the use of Wi-Fi. Connectivity to Wi-Fi gives simulators accurate positioning even in GNSS-denied environments. Dependence on Wi-Fi may have several limitations in accurate positioning but will prove to be effective with GNSS functions.

Recently released smart watches feature powerful processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 1100 SoC, which uses Wi-Fi and cellular networks to augment its built-in GNSS, improving the device’s location accuracy and speed. A group of researchers at the University of California-Riverside (UCR) developed a navigation system that has the choice to leech on Wi-Fi signals rather than GPS if connectivity breaks.

Sensible Sensors

Since the performance of Wi-Fi relies heavily on location and time, it will be ineffective as a standalone complementary segment to GNSS simulators. Sensors are great additions to a navigation system.

GNSS simulators need a device to fuse all the multiple sources of position data, to give a simulator the best estimate of position. Sensors measure cumulative drift in degrees per hour. Not only does this provide accurate information, but it also makes the user confident in the system.

Just like Wi-Fi capabilities, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors are also found in handheld devices, fitness machines, cameras, and even cars. These sensors, together with Wi-Fi measurements, give GNSS simulators an absolute position.

It doesn’t take a lot to improve a system. Although complementary, Wi-Fi and sensors play huge roles in streamlining GNSS simulation results.

Red Flags to Look Out For or You’ll Get the Wrong SEO Firm

SEO specialist in BrisbaneWhen choosing an SEO specialist in Brisbane, you should not only do your homework on what to look for, such as qualities, experience, expertise and price. You should also learn more about the qualities that make them the wrong choice for all your search engine optimisation needs.

Fortunately, there are certain red flags that will tell you that you need to find yourself another prospective SEO Firm. Below are just three of them.

Makes Guarantees and Claims of Instant Results

The world of SEO continues to evolve. An example of this is how Google’s algorithmic patterns receive up to or even more than 500 changes every year. This means that your site may have the 10th spot today, but after an update, it may end up on the third page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

While you do want to keep climbing the ladder and get to the first page and in the higher rankings, know that you cannot do this overnight, reminds an expert from Bambrick Media Pty Ltd. So when facing an SEO company making guarantees and claims of instant results, feel free to exit the door and go on to your next option.

Gives “Under-the-Table” Offers for Quick High Ranking Results

These “under-the-table” services for higher ranking results always involve the use of shady strategies like black hat techniques, including spamming, and improper use of link building. When encountering an SEO firm that offers you such services, just say no, otherwise, your website will just end up either receiving penalties or even banning from the search engine providers.

The reason behind SEO specialists being called just that is that they know how exactly how to maximise the use of legitimate strategies that will put their clients’ website on the friendly side of search engines. They never use illicit techniques just to get their customers’ sites in the top spots, because they understand all too well the consequences of doing so.

3 Major Ways to Boost Your Online Business

Customer Satisfaction for Online BusinessesOnline retail is a 335-billion dollar industry. Sure, you can easily get a slice of the pie, but you're competing with thousands of other retailers. So, how do you gain an edge? Simple: customer service.

Improvements in customer experience can lead to big results. Here are some suggestions:

1. Own the product.

Don’t rely too much on third parties to carry out the integral parts of your process. If you're selling bespoke apparel, invest in tools and manpower to create the products yourself. Buy shipping software and organize your own delivery fleet. Hire an in-house marketing team to focus on business growth. These upgrades may not be cheap or doable overnight, but the advantages are long-term, and it shows your customers and competitors that you're in it for the long run.

2. Treat your website as a shop front.

Retail stores take time and effort to lay out their stores in a way that will encourage customers to buy. Your website should be no different. Make sure pages are always up, navigation is easy, and the checkout button is prominent. Upgrade your bandwidth so that your site can accommodate more than your average traffic.

3. Open all lines of communication.

How do customers get a hold of you? Make sure they can call, email, message, or even connect to you over social media. The easier to contact your company is, the more likely people will choose you. Ensure the people on the front lines of these communication channels exude the kind of personality your brand is aiming for.

Thanks to the internet, there's a market for whatever you're selling. You can tap into a customer base even if the competition is fierce. Success doesn't always mean "reinventing the wheel." Sometimes, you just have to go back to basics, that is to focus on the people.

Ways to Make Inexpensive International Calls in the UK

Prepaid Sim CardCalling friends and family overseas can cost a fortune. Telecommunication companies seem to charge higher today, because of man's increasing demands. Even with the Internet connection, making an international call in the United Kingdom has become expensive for locals and foreign visitors. Make your communication needs inexpensive and easier through these alternatives.


Skype is one of the leading applications when it comes to connecting travellers abroad. People that jump from continent to continent typically use the service because of its free direct dial calls. Travellers can use Skype on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. The service, however, requires an Internet connection, which means that you should check on UK data services before making a call.

International Sim Cards

Many telecommunication companies offer UK sim cards that can connect to Europe and abroad. Designed to function on global areas, international sim cards typically charge cheaper than local services, because of its low to zero surcharges, explains UK Prepaid Sim Card. When using an international sim card in the United Kingdom, don’t forget to put 00 before any international number. 00 is the nation’s international dialling code.


iPhone users around the world take advantage of FaceTime, Apple’s voice and video-calling service. Many iPhone users say that with good Internet connection, FaceTime can accommodate calls that are clearer than actual phone calls. But because it’s an Apple product, FaceTime can only function between two people who have iPhones or other Apple devices.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards are a good alternative, especially if you don’t have a smartphone and/or Internet connection. Most areas in the United Kingdom – usually major roads and Internet cafes – have a phone booth that accepts a range of international prepaid phone cards. Just make sure that your card has enough balance to accommodate minutes of international calls.

Before making an international call, make sure to check the costs of the service to prevent expensive surcharges. You can definitely save some money with so many new and inexpensive options available today.

The Quality of Your Hotel Starts with the Quality of Your Wifi

WIFI in aHotelIt’s a global obsession and frankly it would be foolish for any establishment in the hotel industry to ignore such trend. Mover over primetime and cable TV, the internet is here and it’s unstoppable.  

You could be unsure if putting up free wifi in your hotel is worth the additional expense. Know however, that as pervasive as smartphones and tablets are, not giving free internet access could be a huge disservice to your discerning clientele. When your guests do find your internet offering wanting, they’re going to head towards your closest competitor next time around.

A New Kind of Show

So pervasive is the internet, you could see its proof everywhere you go: smartphones. This is especially true with teens who seem to find an uncanny way to make the gadget part of their daily lives – bringing it just about everywhere they go. And it’s understandable.

The internet is the new TV. Where television was branded as the most influential invention of the 20th century, today it plays second fiddle to the internet.

Instead of giving a few Hollywood handful – of gorgeous hunks and beautiful women – the chance to make it big, internet levels the playing field. Anybody can take a shot to superstardom. True enough, even the biggest names in Hollywood fall short in terms of influence, clobbered by fast-rising YouTube stars.

Following Through

In such an environment where the internet has become a virtual launching pad for everyone wishing fame and fortune, not giving free to guest wifi could be counterproductive.

For instance, you could be giving a huge let-down to a granny who just discovered a better way to receive the amorous advances of a lover: Facebook. Remember though that it’s not just about wifi. It’s about guaranteed consistent internet connectivity.

Once you put up the free to guest wifi add-on from on your hotel website, you need to make sure you can deliver – or you could be opening a Pandora’s box.

Falling on a promise is not the best way to convince clients of your hotel’s unparalleled excellence.

Free quality wifi isn’t an option; it’s a must.

Scan Yourself: The Popularity of Barcode Tattoos

barcodeBarcode tattoos are becoming trendy. The most popular body parts for this kind of tattoo are the neck and the wrist. Some people believe that the barcode, which is a unique set of lines, numbers and letters, is a symbol of a person’s individuality. Others see the barcode tattoo as a statement against capitalism and the culture of commodities. stated that barcode scanners are instrumental in the efficiency of business processes, such as tracking prices, products and stock levels. A store’s computer system has a recording of all the barcodes in the store and a store’s scanner only detects barcodes that have a data in the system. Conceptually, when you place a barcode tattoo in front of a scanner, the scanner will not beep.

Precision is the Key

However, some tattoo artists developed a way to make a precise barcode tattoo that scanners can detect. Precision is important in making barcode tattoos, as they should be a replica of barcodes that you see in stores. Thus, recently, there has been an increasing demand for barcode tattoos that are detectable by scanners.

Temporary Only

Detectable barcode tattoos are not appropriate to put in a body permanently. As an individual grows older, his or her body parts expand and the tattoos on it change, too. Barcodes are a combination of black and white bars. When a black ink expands too much, it can damage the white areas, and a ruined barcode tattoo will no longer be the same as the barcodes you see in stores.

Since these barcode tattoos are temporary, you can easily take them off when you have lost your penchant for barcode designs, or tattoos in general.

Scanner’s Beep

All scanners should be able to read a temporary barcode tattoo. However, some businesses’ scanners only recognize barcodes in their inventory. When you flash your temporary barcode tattoo in front of a scanner, the scanner will beep but it will say that it does not understand your “custom phrase”.  However, the fun part is still there because your barcode tattoo was able to make the scanner sound. 

Temporary barcode tattoos can be a source of fun for you and your friends. Thus, in case you want a new tattoo, a detectable barcode tattoo is not a bad idea after all.

The Power of Experiential Web Design

web design in Lakeville MNGoogle’s algorithm updates and the wave of websites promising similar products, services and information make it difficult to uniquely position your business. Search engines are cleaning out the glut of low-quality sites by putting a premium on the responsive ones. Having great content and providing your visitors with experiential design differentiates your business from the competition.

Improving experience through storytelling

There are different ways to improve click-through rate and storytelling is one of them. Users will soon forget a boring website filled with text and a handful of photos. Websites that have something interesting, on the other hand, piques their interest.

The fragmented nature of information today makes it difficult to weave one coherent story that will fascinate visitors. Good stories aren’t just random collections of episodes–they are crafted. The formula is simple: have a beginning, a middle, and an end with plenty of turns that people relate to.

A story that has an emotional effect on visitors stays with them and entices them to return. Stories also provide visitors with a face to the data, the products or services you offer. The consistency of the theme on each page, the responsiveness when visitors use mobile or desktop, the dropdown menus and buttons must all mesh to create a beautiful and user-friendly experience.

Form & Function

A top-rate website design Lakeville MN company creates a design that combines style and substance by providing visitors with a flowing site.

Visitors have a goal in mind whenever they click on a website. They are looking for information or maybe just browsing for specific products. Superficial websites have the fancy graphics and beautiful photos, but lack the navigable and user-friendly interface of other sites.

Details such as highlighted areas or drop down menus that appear whenever the cursor hovers over them, make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

An experiential website that tells a story and is easy to use influences your site’s ability to convert casual visitors into regulars. Once you have the users’ attention, it is easier for them to be your customers.