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Ensuring Your Safety Online: Why Businesses Should Invest in Security Testing

More and more people rely on technology in storing data and other important information, whether for personal or business purposes. However, there are still cases of security breaches that compromise the safety of anyone’s confidential information secured in their respective computers. Somehow, hackers find a way to intrude even the most secured IT systems around.

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Leverage Your Website to Boost Branding

Your brand image is the combination of all the details of your company from the colors you use to the language to the message you convey. One aspect you can work on to improve awareness and boost appeal is your website. The site makes the initial impression on your intended market. Experts on advertising and

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The Primary Elements of a Compelling CTA Button

There are several elements that work together to enhance the efficiency of your web design in online marketing. One of the most critical aspects is the “call to action” (CTA) button. The best performing CTA button categories include the “buy now,” “learn more,” and “subscribe” buttons. Regardless of the CTA buttons you pick for your

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Your Website, a Marketing Tool

A website is not just there to save the domain name of your brand. It is also there to serve as a place where people can look for information about your brand; it is your face online. Just like the actual face, you do not see beneath the surface.  What you see is what graphic

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3 Things to Keep Your Keyword Research Always on Point

Every time Google updates its algorithm, it affects all aspects of your SEO marketing efforts — including your keyword research strategy. This means that you should also get in the habit of revisiting your strategy to see if it’s still working or not.  Below are top three things to keep in mind when tweaking your

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Wi-Fi and Sensors: The Partners-in-Crime of GNSS Simulators

You may not be aware of it, but we’ve been using global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for the longest time. Cars, helicopters, planes, and even mobile phones carry them. Big companies such as CAST Navigation use GNSS simulators for technology training purposes without flying a helicopter or a plane every day. Accuracy and availability are

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Red Flags to Look Out For or You’ll Get the Wrong SEO Firm

When choosing an SEO specialist in Brisbane, you should not only do your homework on what to look for, such as qualities, experience, expertise and price. You should also learn more about the qualities that make them the wrong choice for all your search engine optimisation needs. Fortunately, there are certain red flags that will

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3 Major Ways to Boost Your Online Business

Online retail is a 335-billion dollar industry. Sure, you can easily get a slice of the pie, but you're competing with thousands of other retailers. So, how do you gain an edge? Simple: customer service. Improvements in customer experience can lead to big results. Here are some suggestions: 1. Own the product. Don’t rely too much

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Ways to Make Inexpensive International Calls in the UK

Calling friends and family overseas can cost a fortune. Telecommunication companies seem to charge higher today, because of man's increasing demands. Even with the Internet connection, making an international call in the United Kingdom has become expensive for locals and foreign visitors. Make your communication needs inexpensive and easier through these alternatives. Skype Skype is

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