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How to Save Money When Renting a Car

Travellers on a rental carBudget-savvy travelers scrutinize every detail of their flight and hotel bookings to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth. However, the very same people often just accept car rental rates at face value. This is a big mistake, as there may be charges discreetly added to the advertised price. Don’t be like this.

When you rent a sedan car in Manila, it will be worth your time and effort to take a closer look at the details before you seal the deal. Comparison shopping is one of the most common ways to secure the best deal. Short on time and unable to do comparison shopping? No problem. Apart from comparison shopping, there are actually many other ways you can save money on your next car rental. Here are a few tips.

Avoid Airport Rentals

The airport may be the most convenient place to get a ride, especially if you have a lot in tow. However, this convenience does come with a price. In general, car rental rates in the airport are higher compared to other vicinities. This is, in part, due to the concession recovery fee that car rental companies pay the airport. This is what firms pay so that they can do business at the airport. In turn, they often pass this to the customers. If you can, try renting a vehicle outside the airport. Your pocket will surely feel the difference.

Rent the Car for Longer

Traveller on a rented carWhile this advice sounds counterintuitive, it makes a lot of sense when you do the math. Reserving a car for a week will be cheaper than getting a daily rate on a shorter rental. Why? Car rental companies often give lower prices for people who travel for leisure or those who are more likely to spend the weekends on the road and stay there for longer. It doesn’t matter if you would use the car for the rest of the week. What matters is that you get a discount by renting it for longer.


Remember that time when you scored a discount on that hotel room by paying in advance? That’s the same strategy that you can use when renting a vehicle. Indeed, car rental companies have utilized this strategy to encourage more customers to pre-pay. Pre-paying is especially beneficial to those who have straightforward itineraries. You’re going to pay for the rent anyway so why don’t you pre-pay to secure up to 20% discount?


All car rental firms are composed of people with whom you can negotiate. Once you’ve secured the right ride for your needs, don’t hesitate to stop by the counter to ask for the possibility of further discounts or car upgrading. You never get what you don’t ask for. Be bold and just ask. If the conditions are favorable, you just might get lucky and get what you want.

Car rentals don’t need to be so expensive. With the right strategy, you can save a whole lot of money while getting the vehicle that fits your needs. Follow these tips to keep more bucks in your pocket the next time you rent a car during a trip.

Melbourne, Victoria: Is it a Great Place to Live in?

Melbourne CityscapeAustralia has a lot to offer not only to its residents, but to immigrants as well. It is a vast land with beautiful beaches, breath taking landscapes and bustling modern cities. Due to its temperate climate and stable economy, Australia is a popular destination for immigrants hoping for a new life.

Victoria is a state in south east Australia. Its capital, Melbourne, is a popular choice for people looking to move here. It has a population of about 4.35 million people and it is considered the second largest city in the country.

Though it is a large city, there is no shortage of housing – you can find new houses and land lots at and other developments in Melbourne’s suburbs.

Here is what you need to know about this amazing city.

Melbourne Attracts Many Immigrants

Melbourne has more immigrants than any other city in Australia. In fact, there are more than 200 different nationalities living in the city, mostly from Greece, China and India.

Living Spaces that Match Your Lifestyle

Melbourne is full of spaces that can match nearly every lifestyle. Melbourne is home to a vibrant music scene, street art, and a robust sports culture.

You can choose to get an elegant flat in the city, or purchase land for sale in Melbourne to build your dream home. Areas close to the central business district are very popular. The city has sprawling outer suburbs too with real estate prices there are especially appealing to first-home buyers.

Weather Is Unpredictable

Melbourne is a city with unpredictable weather. Here, you can experience what it feels like to have all four seasons in one day. You can enjoy warm weather at noon, only to experience a dramatic drop in temperature in the late afternoon.

You Will Never Get Bored

Melbourne is famous for its shopping malls, tourist spots, nightlife and other activities. Life in this city is never boring. You will get to enjoy many fun-filled activities with your family and friends.

Living in a new city can feel scary at first. However, if you do your research well, you will be better prepared to transition into your new life in Victoria. Melbourne is the place to be.

Plan a Road Trip to Canberra

Australian War Memorial in CanberraCanberra is Australia’s capital city. Located in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra houses Australia’s cultural institutions worth visiting. Approximately three hours away from Sydney, Canberra is a good place for your next family trip.

So if you’re planning to go on a road trip to Canberra, you can drive a car or hire a coach bus in Sydney and go on a road trip to discover Canberra’s attractions. Concord Coaches lists five reasons why Canberra should be your next road trip destination.

1. The War Memorial

A trip inside the Australian War Memorial will give you an understanding of Australia’s history in the war. The memorial houses galleries, exhibits and an archive that will help you understand and appreciate Australia’s experiences and contributions to the war effort.

2. The Parliament House

A proud structure in the City, the Parliament House welcomes guests inside its magnificent interiors. Guests can have a guided tour of the House to see the chambers and even witness the democratic process during a parliamentary session. The building’s roof deck also has a stunning view of the city and the War Memorial.

3. See The Skyline at Telstra Tower

Located 195.2 metres above Black Mountain, a tour of the Telstra Tower would allow you to have a 360 degrees view of the City.

4. Visit Questacon and National Museum

Discover and appreciate Australia’s heritage and art with a visit to the National Museum. Meanwhile, let your kids discover science while learning and playing at Questacon, an interactive science centre an attraction your family would enjoy.

5. Wine and Dine

Canberra is home to a number of restaurants with great-tasting food you can enjoy. Dine in the different bars, cafes, and restaurants in and out of the city centre. There are many restaurants and wineries near Lake George, where you could enjoy dinner with a view.

A road trip to Canberra is definitely worth it. Visit with your family or friends and learn about Australia’s culture and history.

Things to Do, Places to Be: A Guide to Living in Stratford

Backpacking in TaranakiWith a population of 8,991, the name ‘Stratford’ came from William Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. Here, most of the streets are related to the famous playwright and if you go to Glockenspiel clock tower, you have the opportunity to watch a five-minute version of Romeo and Juliet at different times during the day – at 10am, 1pm, 3pm and 7pm.

If you and your family are looking to buy or rent a house in Stratford, then this guideline to living in the area hopefully convinces you.

A Humble Town

It is a small town, meaning that everyone knows each other. But locals share that compared to big cities, there is no rush hour traffic and there is free parking anywhere you go. Plus, it is a good place for night owls, as you will feel safe even if you stay out until the early hours of the morning.

Guess what, you are sure to get a job here because compared to the rest of the country, the unemployment rate here is two percent less.

Sports, especially netball and rugby, are the town’s obsessions and the weather here, winters in Stratford can be cold and unrelenting. So, if you are not up for those things, then maybe this place is not for you.

Education in Taranaki

From early childcare to tertiary education, Stratford is sure to provide your children with the quality of education they need – may it be single-sex or co-educational, secular or religious, parents have an array of options to choose from.

Their region is part of the global Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network (KAREN), which provides 1GB broadband to education providers, as well as researchers.

Walking Trails for Peace of Mind

If you like backpacking, then you have come to the right place. It is home to impressive sights, such as Mt Damper Falls, nestled in the Taranaki forests and one of the highest in New Zealand at 74 metres high. With its even surface, you can venture into this place with any footwear.

Another one is the Cardiff Centennial Walkway, a riverbank walkway loaded with river flats and steep slopes. If you are up for an adventure, then you are in luck, as on this trail, you will encounter a swing bridge, a native bush and farmland, as well as two weirs.

Looking for a place filled with fun and relaxation for the whole family? In Stratford, Taranaki, you will find the solace and the culture you need.

This Halloween, Visit the Scariest Places around the Globe

Doll Collection in Mexico CityThis time of the year, boost your travel itinerary by visiting some famous haunted locations around the globe. The vacation won’t even require you to spend a ton of money because you can join ghost hunting expeditions with a group to split the fees or simply see the places without a guide. This way, you don’t have to worry about using up all your finances and getting a friend to send extra cash from abroad.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico City

In the southern part of Mexico City, a small island enclosed by the Xochimico canals holds a gloomy history. It began when the caretaker of the island named Don Julian Santana Barrera found the body of a drowned little girl in the deep waters. Soon after, he discovered a floating doll near the canals and assumed it belonged to her. Believing that the doll possesses the spirit of the child, he hung it on a tree to pay respects.

Some stories say the girl haunted him in his nightmares, which is why he continued to hang more dolls or their parts — limbs, heads, and doll eyes — in the trees. This was his troubling pastime for 50 years until he drowned in the canals himself. Locals eventually called the mysterious island “Isla de las Muñecas”. Legend says the dolls move their heads and open their eyes, while witnesses assert they hear the dolls whisper to one another.

Bloody Chapel, Ireland

Leap Castle, now called the Bloody Chapel, houses a number of scary spirits, including the well-known Elemental. Locals also share the tale of a 15th-century priest, ruthlessly murdered by his brother in his chapel and in front of their family. Lastly, the castle features a murder hole or oubliette where prisoners starve to death. The long and bloody history of the place earned its savage reputation due to the discovery of three cartloads of human remains.

Frighten yourself silly and embrace the realm of the unknown around the globe. This themed vacation will not only help you see the world in a whole new light, but it will also let you experience the spiritual beliefs of different cultures.

The Lion City: A Glimpse at the Republic of Singapore

Exploring SingaporeTourists and business people often go to Singapore, also known as The Lion City. The city-state, located between Malaysia and Indonesia, is one of the most prosperous countries in the world because of its strong international trading links. In fact, Singapore has the largest and busiest port in Southeast Asia and the second-largest in the world.

It may be one highly developed and successful country in terms of its economy, but it does not end there. Singapore is also famous for its vibrant culture and tourist attractions, which people from all over Southeast Asia and of all ages enjoy.

Scenic Sightseeing

A trip to Singapore will not be complete without a visit to Marina Bay where you can experience and see the best view in the city. Marina Bay is home to the Marina Bay Sands, which is an epic resort complex with a hotel, a mall, a museum, and a vantage point and a viewing deck. After all, you need to have the best scenic spots so that you can immortalise your experience with great pictures.

An Experience like No Other

Aside from the view, Singapore also offers countless activities that are not just for adults but for kids as well. Spa retreats, shopping centres, and indoor attractions for kids offer educational and entertaining experiences, such as KidZania SG. When you are done enjoying the views and tired from all the activities, make sure that you also visit their best restaurants to have a taste ofSingapore’s culinary masterpieces.

World-Class Transport

People who have been to Singapore say that it is easy and convenient to go around the place because the country has a great public transportation system. If you need to ask for directions, you do not have to use sign language because people speak in English almost everywhere and signs are written in English as well.

Singapore is certainly a small country, but its size belies its influence in the modern world.

Activities to Do on Your Vacation in Alaska

Kayaking in AlaskaAlaska has captivating attractions ranging from natural to man-made features. Take advantage of guided tours to discover both the mild and wild sides of Alaska. While at it, here are fun activities that you should try.

Glacier cruise

View incredible Alaska on a glacier cruise. From tidewater glaciers, waterfalls, calm and pristine waters, the panorama is staggering. The landscape is just a part of the spectacular features to see because you will also find wildlife such as bears taking a stroll.


If fishing is your sport, you will not be disappointed. You can choose to indulge in saltwater or freshwater fishing or try fly-fishing.

Arts and Culture

Experience Alaska’s rich cultural heritage by visiting a heritage center. Here you will find live shows and dances and get to learn about the traditions of native people in Alaska. In the museums, you will find artifacts crafted by the Eskimos.


Show off your adventurous side by taking a kayaking tour. Kayaking gives you the advantage of watching marine animals such as a whale tossing itself in the water or seeing sea lions, fish, seals, and otters up close.

With kayaking, you get to venture where cruise ships cannot. Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC says that if you’re not a pro at kayaking, don’t worry as there are beginner kayaking lessons in Alaska.


Get to experience Alaska by taking a hike in the wild. With nature trails ranging from easy trails to more physically demanding mountain treks, you have many choices. These trails are suitable for walkers, cyclers, and joggers.

Fly over mountains

Get to see mountain peaks and glaciers that have not been touched by human feet by taking a flight tour. In the comfort of your plane, you will fly over scenery that cannot be accessed while on the ground such as mountains, waterfalls, among other beauties.

Every place on earth has something to show, and Alaska is no exception. With countless attraction sites, your stay in Alaska will be memorable.

3 Tourist Destinations To Visit in Alaska

Tourist Destinations in AlaskaAlaska is a substantial, uninhabited wilderness that encloses tiny cities like the more popular commercial Anchorage and concealed Juneau. The state’s organic elegance may be experienced by a kayak day trip, hiking, paddling, and fishing in its open areas. Three of its most visited landmarks are:

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier, which is found simply 12 miles in the state’s northwest region, has resources that are accessible by road. The Glacier is right down the Juneau Icefield touching the coasts of a pond. Generally, a site visitor facility keeps an eye of both the glacier and also the iceberg-dotted waters, while paths are made along the coast to take a peek of several ice masses and Nugget Falls. Rafting and kayaking trips, according to, always allow the visitors to drift among the bergs.

Denali National Forest

Denali National forest, which is located in the north part of the Alaska Range, is one of the biggest tree sanctuaries in the United States, incorporating the United States and Canada’s highest hills. Denali to modern-day travelers is dubbed as Mount McKinley. A solitary road leads to the park, while park-approved buses are the only allowed vehicles beyond Savage River.

Alaska Freeway

The Alaska Highway runs from British Columbia created for military purposes in 1942 during WWII. The highway goes through Whitehorse, Canada prior to crossing the boundary of Alaska and Fairbanks. Each year, 300, 000 people drive the highway, especially during May to September. Since this is the US’ last frontier, a lot of Americans include this on their bucket lists. There are bison, wild sheep, moose and bears to photograph, against spectacular mountain backdrops from north to west.

The cited tourist attractions are just a few of what Alaska can offer. If you need some place to relax and befriend nature, Alaska is the right destination. Do not forget to include this adventure in your bucket list.

Planning to Immigrate to New Zealand? Here’s What You Need to Know

Migrating to New ZealandComing to New Zealand is exciting — new places, new people, new customs, new opportunities, and new laws! But, the process may seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to immigration laws. To make sure you are provided with all the rights of citizenship or residency in New Zealand, Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd says you should stick to these immigration guidelines.

Plan for Delays

Be ready for delays in renewal and application processes as New Zealand immigration services are usually behind schedule. Some applications may last up to 3 years to process.

Notify Immigration Authorities of Address Change

All immigrants staying longer than 30 days must inform immigration authorities of any address changes. The notification must be provided within 10 days of your change of address. A different notification must be provided for each family member, including children.

Do Not Breach Any Immigration Visa Laws or Conditions

This is essentially the most crucial of any immigration guidelines because the repercussions can be so devastating. Learn all the demands of your work permit, immigration visa and adhere to all provisions and laws with serious care. The tiniest violation can lead to cancellation of your visa, your deportation, even permanent ban from New Zealand.

Conduct Research From Trusted Sources

There are popular myths, beliefs, and rumors about immigration, which can be flat-out wrong or misleading, so be careful. Your legal circumstance is special and may be entirely different from your family members or friends. The information offered on the immigration website is all reliable and accurate. If need be, get immigration help from an immigration attorney.

These immigration guidelines are all important to your efforts in seeking New Zealand citizenship. Every immigration situation is unique and different. For more immigration guidelines, review the New Zealand Immigration website or seek advice from an immigration attorney.

Make Your Trip to Sentosa a Memorable One

SentosaSingapore is one of the leading tourist destinations in Asia, and rightfully so. It just celebrated its 50th anniversary as a country, but that’s just enough time for Singaporeans to make their country worth your time. If you’re planning to visit Singapore anytime soon, don’t miss the popular and mesmerising Sentosa Island, home to an array of wonderful attractions. Here are some you shouldn’t miss.

Cable Car

Enjoy the fascinating view of Sentosa Island from above by riding the cable car to enter it. Although it costs more, the experience makes it all worth it because you can see everything the island has to offer. This will spark excitement, especially for kids. When on a budget, your other options include riding the monorail and entering through the Sentosa Boardwalk.

Wings of Time

There’s also room in Sentosa for those who love sunbathing, swimming and hanging out at the beach. There are two beaches here: Palawan and Siloso. says Siloso Beach is more popular because you can watch the lovely production called Wings of Time. This is a breathtaking presentation of an epic tale of magic, courage and mystery using water, laser and fire effects to entertain the crowd.

Universal Studios

A visit to Sentosa wouldn’t be complete without spending a day at Universal Studios Singapore. Here, you can experience movies come to life. The thrilling rides are inspired by your favourite Universal Studios films, such as Transformers, Shrek, Sesame Street, Puss in Boots, and a whole lot more. Kids and adults alike will have the time of their lives. You can even take pictures with your favourite characters from the movies.

These activities will help you make the most of your stay on Sentosa Island. There are many other attractions in the island, so be sure to come back to experience all of them.