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Celebrating Life with a Pre-planned Funeral Service

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When former President Barack Obama’s grandmother died in Hawaii two days before his historic win in the 2008 American Presidential Elections, he and his family were prepared for the rituals and requirements for funerals, but not the grief. However, as they arranged for her cremation, they were secure in the knowledge that she knew of her family’s love and gratitude. Obama scattered his grandmother’s ashes in Lanai Lookout in Hawaii. Though it all seemed unexpected, the Dunham and Obama family had prepared for this very moment since she was diagnosed with cancer.

Not many of us could say that we are prepared when we finally say our final farewells, but we can still maintain some control even before that moment. When you plan your funeral, you can save your family the trouble of worrying about the costs.

Many families are surprised at the high cost of funeral expenses. There are a lot of things you need to consider, such as funeral plots, burial arrangements to the funeral ceremony. But how sure are you that it is the kind of service your loved one wants?  If they did not plan for this, you can never tell if it is the way they would like to be remembered. Before you face eternity, you can make the proper preparations and plan your funeral the way you want it to be.

Death is No Longer Taboo

The rising cost of funerals has made death an open topic for discussion. The willingness of people to become organ donors has also made them see their demise as purposeful. Part of this openness is looking for affordable funeral plans and preparing their last will to care for their surviving family members even after they are gone.

In the United Kingdom, for example, funeral directors willingly arrange funeral plans that are specific to the needs of the people. This way, everything is pre-arranged so the people who are left behind will have nothing much to think about but concentrate on their grief. Apart from that, there are a handful of other benefits to funeral planning.

Since you are paying your funeral costs in advance, you will be saved from the effects of rising industry prices, which unbelievably climbs up even faster than inflation rates. You will not have to expend all the expenses at one time. You can settle for an installment plan to suit your finances.

Getting a funeral plan for yourself is very helpful. But you still have to consider a few things:

Funeral Service

First, make sure that you let someone know about the funeral plan that you plan to get. There’s no point keeping it a secret. You want to make life easier for them, after all. It would be easier if they would no longer have to worry about the funeral payments they have to make when you die.

Second, secure the credibility of your plan provider. It’s worth checking twice until you are very sure that the contract or policy covers the kinds of things you want to have for your service. Funeral plans are not made equal. What they cover depends on the provider or the sort of policy you obtained.

We cannot escape death, but we can make our lives worthwhile and make the end a celebration of the life we lived. Save your family from the uncertainties of life. There are funeral plans that you can obtain to make life easier for those you are leaving behind.

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