So, you are ready to buy your first car. Do you know the important factors to consider before making that purchase? It’s difficult to choose between what you actually need and what you want, which is why it is important that you put the factors into perspective.

It does not help that New Zealand car dealers offer new brands and models every so often. The desire to own the latest and the best will always have its pulls. Unfortunately, they are not always the best fit for your needs, and more importantly, for your budget.

How do you get past the dilemma? Here is a useful guideline:

Establish what you need

Always start by figuring out what you need. The size, the power, and the features of the car should be a sure fit with the family using the car and for what reasons. This is how you can maximize the value of money that you invest in buying the car. To be clear, list down your needs for a vehicle, including how many would usually ride in it and for what purposes you would use it. From there, you will figure out how to find a car that would prepare you for everything.

Set your budget

Coins, calculator and piggy bankThe amount of money that you can spend on a car must also be considered. Just like when buying a house, you should never look for a unit that is beyond your budget. Spend only on what you can afford. Consider vehicles that are within your price range, so you do not go broke for it.

Get the feel

When all is said and done, it is very important that you get the feel of the wheel. This is key to sealing the deal. The car dealership would be more than glad to lend you a car or two for a test drive, as long as you book a schedule ahead of time. Tell them that you are not buying on the spot because you are still comparing models. You must test drive a couple of your options before you decide. When you do, remember to test drive vehicles back-to-back so your impressions are still fresh when it is time to decide.

Car ownership is another serious decision that you must carefully think through. You need to understand what you need and prioritize that. If you still have some leeway (in short, your budget permits it), you can include a few of your wants into your choices. It is always wise to invest in the needs rather than the wants because that’s the most practical way of spending your hard-earned dollars.

Car models come and go. If you keep chasing after what’s new, what’s the latest vehicle technology, and what will make you look cool as you drive, you will end up spending more than you should. Check out what car dealers have on offer right now and take the time to analyse which among those options seems to fit you and your family’s needs.