A lot of people prefer living in the city because of how vibrant it feels like living in the economic and entertainment centre of a state. Try living in Manhattan, and it feels like your apartment is just a place for you to sleep in when you’re too tired exploring every nook and cranny of this pulsating urban playground.

But living in the suburbs has its perks, too. For some individuals, living in suburbia may even be better than living in the city. If you already have a family and you live in Perth or Melbourne, you might want to check land for sale in Burnside and see if living in the suburbs would better suit you.

If you need help deciding where to live, here are some other things to think about.


Let’s face it: living in the city is expensive. Try staying in Sydney for a month, and you’ll incur expenses close to or more than $1,792, while living in Bankstown, a suburb in Sydney, would probably cost half of that. Housing units in the suburbs are definitely much cheaper than the ones you’ll find in the city

More space

Suburban areas typically have more space to build larger houses as compared to the city. So, you’ll be able to build a house large enough to accommodate your whole family with enough room to spare.

City apartments may make it convenient for you and your family because they’re closer to your office and to good schools. Your children could even walk to the nearest museums. But apartments aren’t big enough for a growing family, and eventually you’ll need more space for you and your kids, which the suburbs can provide.

More trees and less pollution

suburban house

Another advantage of living in the suburbs is that you’ll get to see more trees and there’s less pollution. If you have a growing family, it would be better to relocate them to a place where they won’t have to experience smog on a daily basis.

City living may be exciting but it’s more dangerous to your health due to the higher levels of pollution in these areas. Just think about the traffic you often see in cities and all the carbon monoxide these vehicles spew every day. That’s the kind of environment your kids may be growing up in. In the suburbs, you’ll see more parks, which can be good for the health of your family.

More involvement in the community

Cities are an oxymoron because they may be the most crowded places on earth but they are the least likely places for neighbours to be close to each other. A lot of New Yorkers who live in Manhattan have neighbours close to each other in those apartment buildings that they can actually listen to their neighbours’ conversations through their thin walls. But a surprising majority of these people rarely communicate with each other despite their proximity.

It’s different in suburban areas. In the suburbs, people are much more likely to communicate and keep in touch with their neighbours despite having large spaces between them. There’s also more involvement in the community as evidenced by monthly programs to give back to the community. These include blood drives, clean-up drives and feed-the-poor drives.

So, if these are the kind of things you would like for your family, then perhaps living in the suburbs is a better option for you.