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Common Carpet Handling Mistakes and Care Tips

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Carpet flooring is a favorite of many, with its wide range of available colors, different levels of thickness and softness, and its aesthetic charm. But with poor maintenance and neglect, your carpet flooring’s beauty may fade faster than you would expect. If dirt, stains, and debris are starting to become noticeable on your carpet floors, you should hire professional carpet cleaning services to restore its immaculate condition.

That said, what are the things that ruin our carpets and what’s the proper way to take care of them?

1. Water and Moisture

Oriental rugs, in particular, are also a common household item that requires the same amount of care with carpets. Prolonged exposure to water and frequent moisture can ruin carpets and oriental rugs. The underlying fibers of wool, cotton, silk, or goat hair rugs can develop molds and mildew if exposed to water. To avoid this, make sure the rug gets completely dry after washing it with water.

Carpets that are installed on damp floors would also put it at risk of damage. Laying flower pots on carpet floors or rugs will also moisten it, as well as putting them near a window during a rainstorm.

2. Bugs

Moths and carpet beetles may lay eggs on a natural fiber carpet floor. The larvae of these insects are actually the real damage culprits in this scenario, even more so if there’s liquid residue on your carpet, such as milk or any sweet drink. Check your surroundings and other furniture for any sign of these bugs, and inspect the carpet itself. See if the fibers have a dry, sandy residue. Check for small and regular patches of missing piles, which are the signs of moth infestation.


While our pets are adorable and treated as members of the family, they should be kept away from carpets and rugs as much as possible. Puppies may chew on the rugs and cats may claw on them. To stop or control this habit, you may consult your local veterinarian.

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4. UV Rays

Low-grade synthetic dyes in rugs or carpets may fade or change drastically from exposure to UV rays. A UV reduction film installed on windows can be a solution, or the use of sheer curtains or drapes to reduce the impact of harmful UV rays.

5. Spills and Chemicals

Without a doubt, beverage spilling on our carpets or rugs will cause stains right away. Oils are also big on leaving stains. If left unwashed, they may be harder to remove, ruining the beauty of your carpet and/or rug.

Spilling paint on your carpet is a bigger problem, especially when not cleaned right away. Chemical substances are another; new rugs have been pre-treated with chemical solutions, and these substances can cause wool fibers to wear poorly or unevenly.

6. Cleaning Mistakes

Some DIY cleaners put too much shampoo in the carpets, and over-shampooing can leave residues, especially when not rinsed adequately. When these residues build up, your carpet will only attract more dirt. Over-wetting also damages a carpet. The carpet may shrink by tearing themselves off the floor. Discoloration may also occur.

Another mistake is placing furniture on newly washed, wet carpets. Wood furniture releases dyes when wet, transferring them to your carpet. Metal footing can also rust, leaving unsightly stains on the carpet.

To give your carpet and rugs the maximum amount of protection, have them cleaned professionally at least once a year. Professionals have better cleaning tools and methods that will guarantee you satisfaction once they’ve done their jobs.

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