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Common Mistakes That People Do with Jewelry Product Photography

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Every detail matters when it comes to jewelry product photos. It must be consistent and should be an accurate representation of the product itself. Although hiring a jewelry retouching service can do the job, it’s still vital to understand how everything works from behind the scenes. To help you understand better, here are the most common mistakes in jewelry product photography and how to avoid them.

Poor preparation

Although you can now remove any imperfection on your images in post-production, it can be time-consuming and even need a fair amount of skills to do. Remove tags, strings, or even stickers from the product before you take photos of it.

Unprepared products

Although it is obvious, you should clean and polish the jewelry before you do a photoshoot. Magnify the final photo at the end of the session. You’ll soon see anything that is invisible to your eye afterward. You can wipe the jewelry every time you touch it to ensure that it’s clean. You should also wear cotton gloves to help you save time as well.

Inconsistent shots

Consistency is a must in product photography. Any variations from the images will distract your potential customer. You should document the camera settings, lighting, and even the equipment position when taking photos. You should also ensure that your resume shooting on a different day with the same exact setup.

Taking jewelry product photos can be a tedious process. You need to invest both your time and effort to ensure that the output will come out exactly the way you want it. To make things easier, you can always hire professional services to do the job for you. Ensure that they have enough experience and the right set of equipment to do the job.

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