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Construction Equipment Suitable for Hauling Functions

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When starting a construction company or running the purchasing and supplies department of one, you should make sure that you have the best heavy machines available. After all, you can only do so much on a construction site without the right equipment. The typical earthmoving machines used in the construction sector are trenchers, excavators, diggers and loaders.

The trickiest part in the construction industry lies in getting the right types of heavy equipment, such as excavators for sale in NZ, to your construction or storage site. This is not only a challenging task but also a dangerous one that should be handled with the right machines and by people with adequate training.

Here are the hauling machines you should invest in to move your construction equipment and oversized loads to various locations.


These have a framework resembling a tower equipped with cables and pulleys. They are used to lift and lower machines and construction materials to and from the ground.

Cranes can be mounted on trucks or operated when fixed for the ground. You can also operate them using radio controls or from a cab with a control station attached to it. The basic type of cranes used in the construction sector comprises a telescopic boom or steel truss on a mobile platform.


These are impressive machines with dozer blades. Owing to their size, bulldozers maintain their functionality and exceptional ground stability even in rough terrains.

Their wide tracks also allow them to evenly distribute their weight across wide spaces. This averts the risk of sinking on muddy or sandy ground. Other than transportation, bulldozers are used in construction projects for clearing obstacles like debris and shrubs.


Forklift in a warehouseAlso called forklift trucks, these are power-packed industrial machines whose primary functions are the lifting and transportation of materials with steel forks attached to the loads’ underside. Forklifts are generally used for the hauling of goods packed in pallets and the dumping of debris to and from construction sites onto trucks.

Dump Trucks

These are designed for the moving of loose materials, including sand, dirt and gravel to and from construction sites. Most dump trucks have hydraulically controlled open box beds hinged to the back of trucks.

They allow the truck to open up and let its contents fall out easily. There are several types of dump trucks in construction, including off-road, transfer and semi-trailer.


These comprise a truck with an attached trailer for loading construction equipment and very heavy materials. The standard trailer options used for transporting heavy machines are lowboy, removable gooseneck, step deck, double drop and extendable trailers. The weight limit and height restriction of your loads are the primary aspects you should consider to guarantee the trailer you choose could handle them.

Without these machines, getting equipment and materials to and from your site will be a challenge. Therefore, these should be among your initial equipment when starting your construction firms. The hauling machines you will need depend on the types of equipment and materials you are transporting, as well as their dimensions and weights.

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