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Construction Preparation: 4 Things to Check

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t a constructionIt’s easy to be overly excited when starting a construction project. It gives a particular type of elation to build something and see it slowly reach completion. However, you shouldn’t let excitement get the best of you because this may lead you to overlook crucial things in the preparatory process.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran, here are a few things you should consider before starting a project:

Access to the construction site

The location of the construction site is significant because it determines whether or not you can use certain equipment. Some locations may be too little or have narrow roads or alleyways that huge hydraulic machines can’t pass through.

Some locations may also be near residential areas that tilling the ground may not be allowed. If this isn’t checked before signing a deal, you may face delays, complications, and additional expenses.

Do you need foundations?

Not all surfaces can support the weight of an entire building. In instances where the construction site has weak soil, a pile foundation is essential. This is a strong material inserted or dug into the ground to serve as a support. There are two types of piles: end-bearing and friction.

An end-bearing pile reaches a bottom layer of soil which is strong and sturdy while a friction pile only functions to distribute the weight of the building to the soil. You can contact piling contractors here in Scotland if you feel like the site needs this kind of treatment.

Safety precautions

Construction worker

Construction is known to be the second most dangerous job in the United Kingdom as this comprises 20% of reported workplace deaths. Falls and debris are the two most notorious causes of these deaths. Thus, making sure that the site is safe and the employees have been trained well is crucial.

They should be provided proper construction protective gear such as high-visibility vests, boots, gloves, etc. to lessen the risks of injury. Suspension gears and equipment should also be double-checked, and every single employee should be subjected to site management training.

Review on consent agreements

Taking note of the consent agreement ensures that you, as someone involved in the construction of the building, do not lose your rights, especially when it comes to finances. Overall, reviewing the contract and really getting into it line-by-line will spare you some headaches in the future.

It prevents agreement from unwanted obligations and conditions. Additionally, you should care to know if the whole construction site is workable because some landowners restrict certain areas or open one area at a time for construction.

This will cause a hassle since some parts of a building need to be done or accessed first before other areas can be worked on. Sometimes, some areas can be worked on together to create better progress.

The quality of construction relies on preparation. Imagine if you weren’t able to prep the soil before building the structure. Ultimately, it could lead to a disaster. When starting, remember to check the support, consent, safety, and location.

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