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Deepen the Bonds: How to Make Your Mother Happy

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How do you say ‘thank you’ to your mom? Most mothers become their children’s best friends and confidants. They play an important role in a growing kid’s life and even extend for as long as they live. Your mother may always be the one giving you things, supporting you and nurturing you. In return, you should also do things to show your appreciation. Treating her to a delicious meal, for instance, can do so much. Here are some other ways you can show how much she means to you.

Simple Gestures

Bring your mom to a restaurant or a nearby burger joint in your Singapore neighbourhood. Treat her to good food to show that you want her to go out and have fun whenever she can. Show her a good time by treating her to lunch or dinner then watch movies and go shopping after. This may seem materialistic but remember that your mom also gave you a lot of things. It’s time for you to do the same thing.

Be vocal about your appreciation. Your mom stayed with you through ups and downs. She was the saddest when you experienced pain and the happiest when you accomplish something. Tell her you appreciate the things she did for you. Thank her for being there for you.

If you have siblings, try to maintain a good relationship with them for the peace of mind of your mom. Respect your dad and don’t look at your family’s weaknesses. Focus on being a family and being there for each other to make your mom happy. Go out with the whole family and eat burgers and milkshakes together to catch up.

Keeping Communication Lines Open

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It’s alright to stay independent, but don’t lose touch with your family. Call them, text them, or e-mail them when you can. Show your mom that you remember her by visiting once in a while and making sure you contact her regularly. She won’t hinder your success and understand if you have to relocate away from your home town. Just make sure you remember family because, at the end of the day, they are the ones who will always be there for you when everyone has left.

Ask for your mom’s advice. Ask her what she thinks about your latest love prospect. Ask her if she’s proud with the way your career is going right now. Seek her advice about life in general. You may not realise it but your mom will never let you down and she will always give the best advice for you. Send her cards or write her a letter. It’s a simple way to tell her how happy you are for having a mother like her. Promise to visit soon and make sure you commit to that promise.

Make Her the Happiest Mom

Take care of her when she can no longer do that for herself. As your mom age, she will need assistance at home. She will be fragile and have a hard time even with the easiest chores. Consider bringing her to your house if you can’t go back to your childhood home. Find a way to support and care for her like what she did when you were young.

Lastly, make time for her in any way you can. She will need a lot of assistance as she grows older. She can become lonely because some of her friends and family begin to pass away. This is the time to be there for her. Show your love and always tell her you’re there for her.

It’s easy to make a mother happy. Most moms are already happy by just having their kids around. They just need to hear the voices of their family. With that, be a good kid and always be there for your mom.

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