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Do You Really Need a Car?

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Everyone wants to own a car. Or, at the very least, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t. And there’s nothing wrong with that. A car is a beneficial resource. It always you to go from one place to another with ease and comfort.

However, some people tend to buy cars without really needing one. They barely even use them but still have to pay for the monthly amortizations, maintenance expenses, and parking fees.

Before you even begin availing of a Giltrap dealership for a brand new SKODA car, ponder on these questions first.

Where do you live?

You might be living in a deserted area where the nearest convenience store is 15 minutes away, and you have to go to the city for work daily. In that case, you need a car. But if you live near your workplace, or don’t have much business in faraway destinations, you have to think twice about buying a car.

The freedom of owning a car includes the liberty to go anywhere you want or where you have to be. But if you’re not called to be anywhere often, why not think about taking public transportation instead? That will save you so many expenses compared to owning a car. And you don’t have to think about maintenance or parking and gas costs.

Do you have to travel long distances often?

Track your mileage. On average, car owners travel 13,500 miles per year. If you’re not hitting that mark, then maybe consider other options like a ride-hailing service or commuting instead of taking on the responsibility of a car you don’t need.

These alternatives will help you save more money and cut down on unnecessary expenses. A study found that using ride-sharing services is much cheaper than owning your vehicle. With this commodity, you don’t have to think about parking, gas, maintenance, repairs, etc. You just have to make a couple of taps on your mobile phone, and you’ve got yourself a ride.

Can you afford it?

discounted car

The average price for a regular vehicle is around 34,000 USD. But it’s not only the purchase price of the vehicle that you’re going to have to pay — parking fees, gas, maintenance, repairs, insurance, taxes, license, registration, etc. too. Take time to compute how much all these expenses add up to and see how it fits in your budget. This can cost you millions of dollars in the long run. That’s a significantly high amount compared to the cost of a daily commute.

You might think you can afford a car right now. But there’s no way to tell until you sit down and take time to track your expenses. List down and compute everything you’re spending money on, like food, bills, etc. Then determine if you can afford to own a car.

Can you live without it?

Often, people who live in big cities feel the need to have a car simply because everyone has one. But stop for a moment and evaluate your current situation. How well are you doing without a vehicle? Are you having a difficult time without one?

Stopping to think of why you want to buy a car will help you make an informed decision. If you’re doing okay without a vehicle, then you probably don’t need one anytime soon.

We get it. Having a car is every adult’s dream. But consider your options and truly reflect on whether you need it or not. Think about this for a second: owning a car should be a practical choice, not a status object.

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