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Ensuring Your Safety Online: Why Businesses Should Invest in Security Testing

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More and more people rely on technology in storing data and other important information, whether for personal or business purposes. However, there are still cases of security breaches that compromise the safety of anyone’s confidential information secured in their respective computers.

Somehow, hackers find a way to intrude even the most secured IT systems around. But these security issues can be prevented through security testing.

IT companies in Sydney and other key cities offer network security testing services for various businesses. Learn more about how it works and why businesses should invest in it.

All about network security

For starters, network security refers to the preventive measure that aims to protect a computer system from unauthorized access and other malicious intent. An important aspect of network security has several security layers to ensure no one dares to intrude a computer system.

Security attacks are divided into two, namely: unstructured and structured. The former refers to a security attack done by an inexperienced individual and perhaps done without a specific purpose.

The latter, on the other hand, is done by an individual or a group of people with wide computer knowledge and skills. Unlike unstructured security attacks, organized attacks have a specific target company or other organizations in mind.

Nevertheless, both of the abovementioned cyberattacks should not be ignored as it can compromise not only an organization’s sensitive data but also the company itself. Worse, it can expose sensitive data that should not be made public and may even lead to trust issues between the company and the clients.

Among common network security threats that wreak havoc in many computer systems include:

  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Adware/spyware
  • Viruses/malware
  • Malicious hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Data interception

Why network security should be taken seriously

Given that a lot of individuals and organizations rely on technology in storing important data, it only makes sense to ensure its security to the maximum level. Data integrity is also an important aspect for organizations as it helps in building trust with their customers.

Here are the reasons why businesses should take network security seriously.

1. It protects businesses from cyber-sabotage.

Reliable network security protects businesses from being victims of data theft and other security breaches.

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2. It ensures sensitive data is secured.

For one, having good network security protects a company’s data from viruses, malware, and other malicious security threats. It should have several protective layers to prevent cyber attacks and save your precious data.

3. It lessens downtimes and improves network reliability.

The more people use the internet within your area, the slower the load time you may experience. At the same time, web traffic can cause stability issues and make the computer system vulnerable from possible attacks. A secure network will lessen lagging that can waste a user’s time, and reduce the risk of system sabotage.

4. It protects your business.

Having poor network security can put your business at risk in terms of security, operations, and customer relations. Basically, hackers would mess up your computer system, damage your business reputation, and lead to profit and revenue loss.

Having good system security is crucial for all types of business. For one, it will protect an organization’s important and confidential data. Also, it will reduce downtime and improve network reliability. Most of all, it will protect your business’ reputation and revenues.

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