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Escape to the Country: Why You Should Consider Buying a Home in Wyndham (West Melbourne)

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From its humble beginnings as an industrial town, Wyndham has grown to be an up and coming real estate destination among investors. It’s no wonder why.

Surrounded by sea and bordered by vast fertile lands, Wyndham is a good marriage of fantastic nature views and a thriving residential and commercial scene. Residents describe it as a “stress-free environment” with a “neighbourhood” feel on a popular suburb review website, and one look at it would immediately confirm how much of this is true. Read on to get to know more of this locale, and why it might be the right choice for your home buying endeavour.


Bodies of water and rugged terrain surround Wyndham and its neighbouring locales. It has a lot of flatlands and prairies, with an equal dose of the outback for some trekking and animal watching.

Meanwhile, its housing estates and public areas are well paved and linked to transportation hubs. Wyndham is a well-developed city that is never lacking in public facilities and places to go to, which makes it easy for you to connect with the outside world.

Landmarks and Facilities

Aerial view of a neighbourhoodWyndham, as well as surrounding areas in general, are near schools and public facilities. The area also has good transport links, according to current residents. Just read the glowing reviews on to understand why it has become a beloved residential district. Several construction projects are currently taking place in the area to accommodate more professionals looking for a new home, and to add to present service facilities.

Things to Do

There is no lack of points of interests in Wyndham, which makes it a good place for professionals, couples and families. There is, of course, the famed Werribee Park, whose beautiful mansion is the first thing you will see upon entering its premises. Then there’s the elaborate Victoria State Rose Garden, which is indeed a work of art.

For nature lovers, Wyndham has a range of marine sanctuaries and waterfronts, such as Werribee River and South Foreshore, the Wyndham Harbour, and the K Road Cliffs where you can go bird watching. And if you just want to kick back and relax, there are several wineries and speakeasies, hotels and spas in the vicinity.

There is also a good selection of sports destinations for the adventurous and athletic types, such as the Aerochute International, the National Equestrian Centre, the Melbourne 4×4 Training and Proving Ground, and lastly, the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club.

If you have been eyeing properties in the Australian countryside, consider looking at lands for sale in West Melbourne. There are many undiscovered benefits to living in the northernmost part of Victoria, which not a lot of people are aware of, especially the urban dwellers. Don’t be afraid to swap the cosmopolitan life with a little bit of ruggedness and the simple life. You will not regret it.

Ready to move? Get in touch with a reliable local real estate agent in Northern Wyndham now to assist you with your search for your new humble abode.

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