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Feel the West Coast Vibe With These California Kitchen Trends

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modern kitchen designThe West Coast sizzles with the energy of different cultures and styles. This energy is most apparent in California, a land that stretches from desert dunes to misty mountains. The Golden State is a melting pot of people from around the world. The design trends of the region reflect this variety of lives and lifestyles.

But where in your home do you start infusing West Coast styles? Your kitchen is a good place to start mixing utility and beauty with these iconic California trends.

Back to Nature

The use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and clay are a landmark of California design. Aside from the many benefits of using natural materials, such as durability and eco-friendliness, these materials reflect the many environments within the state. California is home to towering trees, craggy mountains, and shifting sands.

Evoke the might of the redwood by installing hardwood floors. Wood flooring is an enduring feature of kitchens in Orange County to Sacramento. Quartz countertops are popular worldwide because of their sturdiness and how easy they are to wipe down. Backsplashes of marble or clay tiles will give an earthy tone so prevalent in California to your kitchen.

All these materials last longer than synthetics and lend your kitchen with the timeless appeal of nature. Their components also echo the many natural wonders of the Golden State.

Mexican Influence

California used to be a part of Mexico, and its culture still heavily influences food, music, and design trends of the state. Your kitchen can resonate this rich heritage through a number of ways.

You can use a wide array of colors to create a Mexican feel in your kitchen. Brick reds, sandy ochres, and warm oranges all have a Latin American vibe to their hues. You can paint your walls in these colors and highlight them by using deep blues, light teals, and gold.

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Texture is another key feature of Mexican design. You can install stucco or adobe walls or simulate their texture with paint techniques. Use fabrics with Mesoamerican-inspired patterns as curtains, dishtowels, and upholstery.

Finally, you can decorate your kitchen with pottery pieces and tiles. A few vases and pots placed prominently around your kitchen can already enhance the atmosphere, but you can install tiles for a more dynamic touch. You can use Talavera ceramics, known for their intricate and colorful patterns, for pottery and tiles.

Reclaimed Materials and Items

Fewer things give a kitchen that eclectic Southern California vibe like reclaimed items. Reusing old materials and furnishing can save you money and help the environment at the same time. It’s possible that you can remodel your kitchen with nothing but reclaimed materials. If you don’t have the time to visit the nearby salvage yards, you can use materials from your existing kitchen.

You can flex your creative muscles thinking of new ways to use refurbished items. A bowling alley floor can be your new table. Cast iron grills can be repurporsed as wall decor or a place to hang your pots and pans. Exercise your creative freedom and it can draw people to your kitchen like it draws people to California.

People associate the West Coast with zest, diversity, and vibrancy. These are all qualities that can make your kitchen feel more than just a place where you cook your meals. With the right design and furnishing, your kitchen can feel like a home on its own.

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