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Finding Love For Wealthy People: Traits To Overcome and To Adopt

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In the media, falling in love is often depicted to be as simple as a walk in the park—you either meet your future life partner somewhere on the street, or they turn out to be with you all along, because you work or study with them. In real life, however, how accurate could these depictions be?

Well, we all know that finding love is never that easy, unless you’re extremely lucky. And if you’re part of the elite, research suggests that it could even be harder for you; a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B has shown that rich people tend to be less flexible and empathetic in relationships, which result in failed relationships.

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Wealthy People and Love

In the research previously mentioned, it was also revealed that rich people are not as adept at wise reasoning compared to more working-class people. According to Igor Grossman, co-author of the research and associate psychology professor at the University of Waterloo, wise reasoning is all about flexibility, open-mindedness, empathy, and intellectual humility, all of which are traits that help in dealing with uncertain situations.

The research team has found that rich people are less flexible and empathetic in interpersonal situations than their working-class counterparts. Therefore, the lack of wise reasoning in their romantic affairs often results in break-ups.

Psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish shares that the reasons for such could be their narcissism, sense of achievement, status, and self-image. Simply put, their privilege has given them a sense of entitlement which impacts their interpersonal skills. Furthermore, moneyed people are used to getting everything they desire and are seldomly denied anything by anyone.

With more money, there are also more options, which means that when they notice something off in their relationships, they can be quick to jump into another. However, Grossman states that the aim of the study isn’t to stereotype wealthy folks as being unable to find true love. It merely suggests reasons many of their romantic affairs are short-lived. But like people of the lower classes, well-off folks can learn how to adapt to uncertain situations such as a serious relationship. When they manage to overcome their rigidness, lasting love will come their way.

Dating in Your 30’s

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There is pressure among single folks in their late 20’s to settle down and find a partner by their 30’s. But this shouldn’t make you panic, whether you’re wealthy or not, because dating in your 30’s can be more fulfilling than it was in your younger years.

The past years have allowed you to garner more lessons from experiences. Thus, as you reach your 30’s, you’re more likely to know what you want and don’t want, and you’re firm about it. You can focus on another person’s inner characteristics now—such as their core values—rather than their traits on the surface.

Your 30’s also makes you learn to be more assertive, which means you will no longer settle for less. Different opinions do not sway you anymore, so you’re now unafraid to express what you want. And if a date simply doesn’t share your values, you’d likely no longer waste time trying to influence or “fix” them, because you know that there are other people out there who are better for you.

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