Many want to be stylish and create an impression. However, these people conflate style with over accessorizing and ostentatious persona. Now, this is okay if you are attending a Met Gala where the theme calls for campy and arresting imagery. However, you are leading a lifestyle where what you wear should be functional and comfortable. You can always be stylish without having to sacrifice comfort and function. The right balance between form and function should always be prioritized here. Some people think that being stylish is letting your persona out—and that’s okay. After all, every person wants to display their brand. Fashion is an outward projection of one’s tastes and aesthetics.

Luckily, there are some ways you can be stylish without having to exert effort, meaning you do not have to try hard to become stylish. You just have to find your personal taste and commit yourself to it. That is when you can definitely say that you have created a statement.

Below are some of the pointers that you need to keep in mind if you want to become stylish without losing your head.

Invest in flexible pieces

There will always be trends, and it is easy to get carried away by them. You can try a trend or two, but do not stay within them definitely. Trends pass, and if your items are centered on them, you will have wasted a lot of pieces. Instead, go for pieces that can last a long time; pieces that look relevant and stylish regardless of the prevailing trends. One essential that you have in your wardrobe is a little black dress. Unstructured blazers and denim jackets are also flexible. When it comes to shoes, get yourself pairs of nude and black stilettos. White sneakers and boots (think Doc Martens) are also good choices.

Do go for a comfortable fit

There are some instances when people go for a style that has a very problematic fit. They buy such items, thinking that they can fit into them once they have had a break-in. The last thing that you want to happen is to look constipated and sweaty when you are wearing an ill-fitting piece. Always prioritize comfort over look.

Try a new style

Granted, you have already a style and people have associated you with it. You have seemingly mastered the aesthetics. However, style is also about reinventing yourself and broadening your horizons. And one way to do just that is by trying a new style. For one, you may be known as a dressy type of person. During relaxed days, you may adopt a “hypebeast” persona where you show off your street cred.

Know where to shop

two women shoppingIt pays that you know where to shop, as brands have different sizing rules. You may fit small in one brand, but the other brand says you should wear medium. You should have at least a few brand options and clothing boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona.

Becoming a stylish person should not be difficult. You can easily express yourself if you have committed yourself to your personal tastes. You can master the basic rules, but when you feel like that they are restraining you, you can bend and break them. As Yves Saint Lauren once said, “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.”