Koreans are taking the world by storm. Their modern-day legacies have been around for so long, and there is no sign that these are going to stop. You have your K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty, and K-barbecue. Consuming and enjoying them all makes you feel really acquainted with modern Korean culture. But wait, there’s more! You still have Korean fashion, and you ladies can easily emulate it without having to try hard.

You have explored the wonders and efficacies of the Korean skincare and makeups. But if you want to take your Korean-inspired aesthetics to the next level, you have to wear the right attire. Some people actually are having the hard time to execute Korean chic. But you have to know the real essence of the fashion: it is simple, clean, and neutral. Maybe you have already tried K-fashion in the past, but you have somehow failed miserably. If you are looking for some ways to do it right, here are some useful pointers that you may want to take into account.

Try deconstructed denim

While deconstructed pieces, like jeans and shirts, are often associated with Western street style, these items are wildly popular in South Korea. It is casual wear that you can wear on your easy-going days. You can go full street by wearing a hoodie, but you can dress up your deconstructed jeans with a button-down or a turtle neck. Add more polish to the look by finishing the ensemble with white sneakers. Bulky types, such as Fila Disruptor will surely be suitable for you.

Go neutrals and pastels

K-dramas are filled with pastel dreams with the color grading of the material and the eye candies that are the light-colored dresses and shirts. Light colored dresses and similar pieces are another characteristic that defines Korean fashion. This is something that you can wear during summer days, as it is easy on the eyes. If you are choosing a pastel dress and shirt, go for ultra-feminine pieces (think ruffles). Counterbalance them with the ruggedness of deconstructed jeans or the Selvedge ones.

Dress + Blouse = Sure Win

woman choosing which dress to wear

Layering is a thing in South Korea given the weather, but during warmer days, many women tend to layer still. This time, they keep it light. You can easily do it by wearing a dress over a blouse. This provides you with a lot of opportunities to be playful. For one, you can wear a plain white shirt and put a floral dress on top of it. The shirt can either have long or short sleeves. End the ensemble with a pair of clean plimsoll shoes or your heeled boots.

Size up!

If you are the lazy type who still wants to look K-OK, you can never go wrong with pullovers. But in this regard, you may want to get the bigger size. Doing so gives you much more comfort, and it will not restrict your mood. You can go to oversize sweaters and hoodies.

Korean fashion is one of the hallmarks of Korean aesthetics, in tandem with Korean skincare and makeup. And donning the looks makes you feel close to the culture. Next time, fly to Seoul, put on the look, and experience legitimate Korean styles. And while you are in the city, you may want to shop, shop, and shop. You will always find great deals and sales there.