Designing a home fit for your family involves more than picking the right construction material. You will need to include several design elements that will work together to create the interiors you have always dreamt of. People will focus on the color of their interiors since they appreciate the psychological impact this will have on their family and guests. The often-overlooked element of interior design is the use of geometric patterns.

While this might seem obvious to some people, you will need a seasoned residential contractor based in Austin, TX, to incorporate the design elements in your space so that they work for your dream. Geometric patterns will be used to create a “wow” effect and develop a sense of movement in your room while generating depth and texture. Psychologists have, for some time used geometric shapes in personality tests to model their patients’ consciousness. The following are guidelines on including different geometric patterns in your interiors to create the right emotions.


These will generate soft feelings like compassion, affection, tenderness, and love. They thus tend to generate a caring character and represent safety and harmony in personality tests. As such, circles are renowned for fostering relationships. You can use them in your home in the bathrooms and bedrooms to create a comforting feeling.

Rectangles, Pyramids, and Squares

These are straight-edged shapes that will generate a sense of reliability, power, and strength since they convey stability. In a personality test, these shapes signify methodical, analytical, and hardworking people. The controlled energy rectangles, pyramids, and squares exude them the best choice for office spaces. They are thus best-suited for home offices. The shapes can also be used in combination with others to complement and balance the look of your other rooms.

Vertical Shapes

Vertical lines are used in interior design to exude strength. Vertical lines are dominating and might at times be threatening if over-used in one room. In psychology, vertical lines are associated with courage and aggression. They can be used in your curtains more so if you are using solid colors for your décor to balance the colors or in your game room and boys’ bedrooms. Vertical lines are also a perfect choice for creating an illusion of high ceilings more so in attics and basements.

Horizontal Shapes

small cosy living room

These are used as stripes in different rooms to generate feelings of peace, stillness, and calm since they have feminine energy. They are thus generally used in bedrooms and living rooms where they will create an illusion of large yet peaceful and inviting rooms. They can also be used in your dining room and kitchen for their sense of calm that will boost digestion and gourmet food preparation.

With the available range of geometric patterns available for home interiors, it is now possible to generate any emotion. The patterns can be introduced in your pillows, furniture, wallpaper, or window coverings, among other accessories. Your choice of the pattern for your space should also match the room’s color. You can settle for a construction company that also has some psychology expertise to guarantee the colors and shapes you pick exude the right emotions.