Here’s How You Can Nail That Epic Surprise Birthday Party for Your Best Friend

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When your best friend tells you that they do not have birthday plans, you will not let that happen. The responsibilities of throwing an epic surprise birthday party now fall squarely on your shoulders. The pressure is on you to create the memories you and your group of friends will never forget. However, you have no idea how to create the epic surprise birthday party you see in movies and television shows. Fortunately, this list will help put you on the right track.

Create the Suspense

Friends throwing confetti for birthday surprise

The element of surprise is essential when throwing a birthday party, especially for someone who has no plans of celebrating the occasion. When your best friend reveals their plans for the day, you must act like you are not planning the party inside your head.

You should try to avoid seeing your friend personally during the day to keep them from figuring out your plans. When you are away from your friend, you can dedicate your time into preparing the party. As most birthday parties happen at night, you should convince your best friend to meet with you during the evening. Your buddy will have no idea that the time you are meeting will be the start of a surprise birthday celebration. You must also inform your circle of friends ahead of time to avoid schedule conflicts.

Get All of the Favorite Party Essentials

Best friends know what type of party they both love, which makes it easier for you to set up the party. The two of you have a solid friendship that includes memories from other parties. Those memories can help you remember the tools you believe will make your friend happy. You can shop and organise your friend's favourite party essentials ahead of time. You can also try to figure out what type of party your best friend will like.

With the absence of birthday plans, you can still trick your best friend into saying what they believe will make a party great. When your friend talks about the party they want, you can use some of their ideas for the surprise party.

Do Not Slip Up on the Location and Decorations

Planning a surprise birthday party will be useless if you do not have a location. The venue must be one of your priorities if you want the surprise to succeed. You can have a party in a hotel room, a house with a swimming pool, or one of your friends' homes. If you are close with your best friend's parents, you can convince them to let you plan the surprise at their home. Also, you must pay attention to decorations, which will help the party become memorable.

Make the Special Birthday Cake

Brithday cake

As the best friend, you know that a simple birthday cake will not be enough. You can order custom made cakes online to make sure that your friend knows how much you love them. Have the bakery design the birthday cake with a theme, like your best friend's favourite movie or a moment the two of you remember. The epic surprise birthday party includes not only laughter and celebration but also tears of joy. A special cake to celebrate your best friend's special day will do the trick.

Have a Moment You Will Never Forget

You will never forget the expression your best friend would make upon arriving at their birthday party. However, you must always remember to tell your friend how much they mean to you when you are already at the party. The moment can range from giving gifts to blowing the birthday cake candles. You may have given your best friend a great birthday party, but you will find out that he or she considers you as an excellent gift.

When planning an impromptu birthday celebration for your friend, you will realise that it is a lot easier than you think. A long and stable friendship will help you plan the epic surprise birthday party for your best friend.

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