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Here’s Your Guide to Weekly Pool Maintenance

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Your pool requires a lot of attention so that you and your family can enjoy it. Keeping it clean seems like a difficult task, but try to remember why you wanted a pool in the first place. Was it to create great summer memories? Or to hold cool poolside parties? Whatever the reason, here’s how you can properly maintain it:

Check for issues

Every week, you should do a comprehensive check on your pool. If there are issues, such as leaks, make sure to repair the problem right away before it gets bigger. There are many pool repair services in Keller, TX, and other cities in the state that you can employ for such problems.

Don’t try to fix the trouble yourself, as you run the risk of making it worse and paying more in repair fees in the end.

Keep the water debris-free

Regular skimming of your water promotes proper pool circulation. Every few days, you need to skim the surface of your pool water and get pieces of debris out. This can range from fallen leaves and bugs to little bits of trash. You must do this task periodically as it’s one of the easiest ways to maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

Bear in mind that the debris floating on the water will eventually sink and perhaps cause more significant problems. Your hand skimmer, or long-handled net, is essential for this activity. You also need to make sure to clean this equipment every week by shaking it out and hosing it down.

Clean the tiles and walls

It’s recommended that you vacuum your pool walls and tile floor every week. This is necessary to keep the water clear. It will also help you reduce the number of chemicals that you need to put in the water. In addition to vacuuming, you also need to brush the surfaces to prevent the buildup of calcium and algae. These can pollute your water considerably.

Determine the type of brush to be used by looking at the material of your pool. If it’s built with tiles, you will need a soft brush to minimize damage and scratches. Meanwhile, a hard brush is required for pools with concrete walls and plaster lining.

cleaning the pool

Pay attention to the filter

Your pool filter keeps the water clean and pollutant-free. As such, you need to make sure to clean it properly. There are different kinds of maintenance requirements for the various types of filters. Cleaning the filter also depends on how often your pool is used. Remember that cleaning your filter more often than necessary can also bring more harm than good.

It’s essential to follow the appropriate cleaning guidelines. One way to know for sure that your filter needs cleaning is when the flow increases between the flow meter and pressure gauge.

Maintain water and pH levels

Regular pH testing of your pool water is vital to keep it safe for use. There are plenty of testing kits available for this. The ideal pH measurement is between 7 and 7.6, which means that the water is clean for swimming.

Meanwhile, you should keep your water level stable. Loss of water happens through evaporation and routine activities such as splashing and swimming. Check the water level right after you perform skimming for debris.

Having a pool at home allows your family to enjoy spending time together, along with hanging out with friends. It can take a lot of effort to keep it clean, but no doubt it will all be worthwhile. These steps will help you keep your pool for a longer time for more memories.

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