Simple Kitchen Design

How much of yourself are you showing in your home’s design? For those who are sure they will be in that house for a long time, there’s no need to hold back on personalization. It’s your house, but it will only truly be your home if it gives you comfort and joy.

To add more of your personality in home design, consider changing these:

Wallpaper or Paint

There are thousands of colors you can put on your wall, with different finishes and styles to boot. Some paint companies even offer to hand mix a certain shade, giving you that color that is exactly what you want to see on your walls. For wallpapers, there are various designs to choose from, dressing your walls in intricate patterns that will be too expensive to recreate if you hand painted everything.

Yes, you don’t have to spend so much just to personalize your home. The goal is for it to give you joy, and it’s hardly doing that if it’s giving you reasons to be sad when you look at your bank account. Keep discounted discontinued wallpaper in your options or mix your own paints to be one with your house without sacrificing your budget.


Living Room Design

You may argue that lighting doesn’t do anything drastic for the house, which makes it not worth changing. Have you noticed how places like Starbucks seem to always give you the best selfies? That’s because they’re designed to be that way. The house you buy may originally come with harsh lighting, but you don’t have to suffer through horrible photos because of that.

A simple replacement will go a long way, especially if you also learn to utilize natural light. If you’re in the process of renovating, include window replacements as well, so that you can let more natural light in and only have to rely on artificial lighting when necessary. With new lighting fixtures in place, you will no longer look severe in your photos. Your natural beauty will shine and every time you look at a mirror, you feel good about yourself even when you’re staying at home the whole day.


What’s the easiest part of the house to renovate that will show your personality? Countertops may seem like the answer, but considering that you’ll have to replace the whole slab, it’s not exactly cost-effective. Besides, it’s a renovation that’s only limited to one room — the kitchen.

When you replace tiles, however, you can replace just half of the wall or mix inexpensive tiles with more luxurious ones. The overall look will be unique and trendy, something that you might relate to. You can also replace kitchen tiles as well as bathroom tiles to give the home a more coherent look.

Even floor tiles can be replaced to coordinate, though the textures will vary. It’s up to you to decide how much to replace and if you just want to have an accent wall.

You don’t have to live in a home that looks just like every other home in the neighborhood. Dress your home to reflect things you love and you’ll be happy every day.