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How Technology Advancement Helps the Fight in the Pandemic

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It seems that the storm has gone soft, but this calmness is just coming from the submission of people to the virus. Learning to live through dangerous times is getting to all of us. But, we all know that the pandemic is still far from over. The after-effects, too, after the virus has been eliminated will last long. But to bring it to a sustainable stage for the whole world was to push every negative factor away that brings ease for the virus to infect a large population. Also, the debilitated state of medical facilities in some areas has been the reason for more than three hundred thousand deaths in the US alone.

In times of peril such as these, people are dependent only on a few essentials. The essential living fundamental wanted people to only go out of things that are essential for living. Such daily goods like food, grain, vegetables, fruits, drinking water, medical supplies, and other kitchen essentials need a regular supply in areas with a scattered population. Although the government and private industries are constantly working on providing contactless services and supplies, there are many places where human functions cannot be provided.

But, technology is in momentum since the 21st century. It is coming up with many developments in arming the masses against the various effects of the coronavirus. Here’s how technology is helping to fight the coronavirus.

Infection Tracing

When a disease is spreading at an alarming rate, it is necessary to make sure that the mode of infection is struck. In the case of a fatal virus like the nCOV-19, the infection spreads through any physical contact. The virus may be on the surfaces everywhere, and even a touch of the finger may infect another human. Hence, the distancing rule.

Technology had to find a way for humans to still sustain together through mobile integrated healthcare platforms on smartphones. These platforms or apps are also enabled with wireless radio tech that keeps track of every other person you’d run into. Through Bluetooth and GPS, the apps can record your health data and that of others. If a person enters any unusual symptoms, other people who have been nearer than 6 feet of that person are notified to get checked for COVID or update their own well being. These apps reduce infections by letting people know of hot spot areas where several infectious households have been found.


Predicting Outbreaks

Yes, that is possible for technology if the human capacity to predict coronavirus outbreaks fails. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have brought about exceptional results in analyzing public data and predicting major outbreaks before taking devastating shapes. Through inputs from public and private health centers, contact tracing apps, social media posts for help, and geographical data, AI has made significant developments in predicting outbreaks caused by various pointers. Maryland, USA based company has taken AI to the stages of information processing. It signifies the molecular structures that can combat the infection of COVID-19 in the human body. This can be a significant step towards finding relief from symptoms of the diseases.

Aiding the Supply Chain

Due to the social distancing norms imposed by contagious infections, the supply of goods has also been significantly affected over a few months. The supply chain issue is the biggest issue among the effects of this pandemic. It is through the locomotives, trucks, and lorries that the essentials have always been supplied.

So when things turned out to be out of control, technology already had the solution to a baffling problem. The drone technology, already introduced widely to the public, has been a boat in storming waters for quarantined patients and isolated people. Healthcare and public safety professionals utilize this lifesaver for supplying food, medicines, and essentials to people under self-isolation or medical quarantine. The best part about the drone tech is that it can be AI-enabled to make several deliveries at once through GPS tracking and pointing.

Tech enablement is an essential step towards adapting to the current situation. Through connectivity and machinery, technology keeps on winning the war against coronavirus on various fronts. If it were a decade ago that this virus broke out, the death tolls would have been uncontrollable. It won’t be like now, where we are well-informed and well-equipped to keep the situation under control. Although the fight is yet to be over, we continue to push against the threat of the virus. All we need is to be healthy and put up an intense fight against the virus, and we will surely emerge victoriously.

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