Your body can be very good at treating itself. However, this does not mean that it will be a good thing for you. When your body tries to fight injuries and infections, it activates an inflammatory response. The result is pain or swelling in various parts of your body.

If your body seems to be experiencing chronic inflammation, then you might be in trouble. Inflammation is okay when you are trying to fight disease, but it can destroy healthy parts of your body. Inflammation can manifest in different ways in your body, but the results are all the same: pain and swelling. If you are suffering from this, then you will need to shift to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Get Some Exercise

One of the first things that you should do is to become more active. For example, a standard form of plantar fasciitis treatment is to exercise the affected muscles. Nothing strenuous is needed; you need to stretch those muscles. As for exercises in general, your goal should be 30 minutes of activity every day. This should keep your joints lubricated and your muscles toned. A fit body recovers quicker from inflammation and lowers the chance of inflammatory episodes in the future.

Quit Your Bad Habits

Inflammation is your body’s response to something wrong with it. Several bad habits, like smoking and excessive drinking, can fool your body into thinking that your body is malfunctioning. One of the bigger culprits in this is smoking. Cigarettes are full of toxic chemicals that can cause immunological responses. It doesn’t help that they can cause cancer. So kick the smoking habit, and you’ll likely have less inflammatory episodes.

Take a Break

taking a break

Your body is a machine, and like a machine, it needs to rest. Get seven to eight hours of sleep every night so that you can be sure that your body can perform at its peak. Studies have shown that loss of sleep can affect your bodily processes so much that it can increase inflammatory episodes. Sleeping well allows your body to reset itself so that inflammation is not necessary. Additionally, a lack of sleep can make inflammation more painful because of the changes it does to your body’s processes.

Drink Water Frequently

Get rid of all those sugary drinks, whether they are sodas or fruit juices. The best liquid that you can drink is fresh and clean water. Besides keeping you hydrated, drinking water frequently can help balance the PH levels in your body. An unbalanced PH level is one of the reasons why inflammation happens.

Change Your Diet

Your diet can significantly affect inflammation. Start eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in omega-3, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. You should also avoid saturated and trans fat, which make inflammation worse. Fish and whole grains are also a big help to your anti-inflammatory diet.

Inflammation can be a painful thing for you to experience. When it keeps coming back, it can negatively affect your quality of life. With the tips above, you should be able to fight chronic inflammation and be healthier.