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How to Keep Your Family Safe at Home This Summer

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When we talk about summertime, the things that usually come to mind are lengthy breaks, beaches, summer camps, and parties. As fun as summer is, it also poses some threats to your home and family.

Statistically, the warmer months tend to see an increase in property crimes. Prevent break-ins by taking the necessary precautions at home.

Home Security

Take some time to go around your property and inspect your home for possible security issues. Think about how you can make your family even safer when they’re at home during the day and at night.

Installing security doors would be a good first step. This will help deter thieves and robbers away from your place, especially when you’re not at home.

Be mindful as well of those outdoor valuables. Building a shed or installing a security area to store them in will leave no room for temptation for anyone to steal from you.

If your home doesn’t have any security cams yet, it would be a good idea to invest in them. This will allow you to keep an eye on your home and its surroundings and check in on your kids from time to time.

Home Maintenance

window inspectionThe proper maintenance of one’s home can also serve as a deterrent to any criminal activity on your property. Eliminating even the smallest chance of bad guys getting in will help take off a load of stress from your shoulders.

Inspect all doors and windows and make sure that all of them are working well. If you spot any damages, work on those damages and repair them immediately.

Aside from keeping all points of entry secure and properly functioning, mowing the lawn regularly will prevent the grass from growing tall enough for thieves to hide in. Keeping the grass and hedges trimmed also gives your home a natural and clear line of sight.

Keeping your home well-lit is also a criminal-deterrent so check all your lighting fixtures around the house and make sure they’re all working and in great condition.

Children Safety

One of the best things you can do for your children, especially those who are younger, is to talk to them about personal safety.

Tell them the importance of keeping the doors locked and windows shut when they’re at home. Remind them to never open the door for anyone who they don’t know even if this person claims to be one of your friends. If they’re strangers to your children, regardless if they’re your family or friend, instruct your children to never let these people in.

If you have any travel plans that will require you to make special stay-at-home arrangements, do not talk about them publicly or post on social media. Your excitement about your trip should be trumped by your concern for your children’s safety.

In emergency cases, your kids should know what to do first. Leave a list of important phone numbers to call for when an accident or emergency happens. Teach them how to get in touch with the proper authorities.

This summer, don’t take any chances. Do not put your family and home at risk by failing to take the necessary measures to keep them safe and secure.

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