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How to Make Milestone Birthdays Memorable

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Celebrating a birthday or making a fuss about it goes out of style when one goes past their 30s. Some regard it as only an ordinary day. But milestone birthdays are still given high regard. How can one celebrate these events with a bang? Here are some fun ways to mark another decade in your life.

Emphasize Ageless Charm

A person with deep substance is like good wine. Emphasize this idea through a rustic-themed party. There are great venues for such private celebrations. Check their event spaces to help you plan your party.

Most milestone birthdays have an era’s theme. It could be done in two ways. You can use the decade when the honoree was born. Another way is to match their age to the decade. For example, if you are celebrating the 70th birthday of a loved one, you can have a ’30s or ’70s theme.

A vintage venue and a vintage theme only show that older means better. Beautiful things and people do not go out of style. On the contrary, their charm grows more distinct with time.

Travel Away from Home

ocean view

The world is a very vast place. Even as one ages, there is still so much of the world that they can still discover. A perfect time to do that is on a milestone birthday. Depending on your mood and budget, you can decide on whom to take with you.

Do you want it to be an intimate trip with your spouse? You can also go with your children or some of your best buds. Find a place that you have never been to before. This way, it will be a trip with fun and learning combined. You can never be too old to conquer another part of the world.

Celebrate with Humor

Laughter makes anyone look and feel younger. With this in mind, you can organize a gathering that is full of laughter. Some people in their 30s and 40s find “over the hill” parties as a good trend. When doing this kind of party, make sure that the honoree is a good sport. Guests can bring a wide range of gifts such as denture cleansers or adult diapers.

For people celebrating their 40s or above, have a prehistoric or dinosaur theme. This puts your honoree in line with these ancient creatures. Statement shirts with witty jokes about aging are also a great gift idea. This will elicit laughter from everybody. They will see age as something to be celebrated, not dreaded.

Go Down Memory Lane

Age can also be a source of pride. Celebrate and honor a person’s life. Loved ones can contribute a story of how the honoree inspired them. It could also be a funny anecdote that was a secret until that day. Pictures and videos emphasizing important events can also be played throughout the night. Let the person know that they have made a difference in the lives of others. This will make them burst with pride, knowing that they have lived a full life.

Every year is a blessing. As one gets older, life becomes more precious. Celebrate it in any way you see fit.

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