Being a senior and growing older has its perks and downfalls. Well, we would not exactly call it ‘downfalls’ since you can do a lot of things to combat the negativities that comes with growing old.

As you grow older, you lose in touch with a lot of friends and family, and you just learn to live by yourself. This can get a little lonely, though, especially if you just moved to a home care agency in Woodside. Luckily for you, there are lots of things you can do to make sure that you will overcome the loneliness and below, we are going to talk about what those are:

Be Sociable

You don’t have to confine or lock yourself up inside the room all day once you get to your new senior home. Whether you identify as an introvert or an extrovert, you can sometimes feel lonesome, but lucky for you, you can always make a couple of friends especially if you live in a senior home.

Most senior homes offer games and activities for the elderly, and you must make the most of these, as you can make lots of friends through it. Check out what else they have to offer and join as soon as possible.

Volunteer if You Can

If you want and are still able to, you can consider volunteering at your own senior home care. Many seniors enjoy helping their co-seniors, making them feel less lonely. Think about it: It’s actually a win-win situation, as you get to help yourself and others by just doing one deed at a time! Look for senior homes and other communities that accept volunteers, and ask if you can join their activities as well.

seniors working out

Work Out

Working out is a great way to meet friends and at the same time, work on your health and physique. There are lots of workout communities and activities that you can join. For example, you can try looking up yoga classes for the elderly. There are also different types of Zumba or Aerobics for the elderly specifically, so go ahead and join these!

Not only does working out help you with meeting new people and improving your physique, but you also get to decrease your depression and loneliness by releasing your endorphins.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet can decrease your feelings of loneliness. They might not be able to talk back, but you will definitely feel their love and affection in so many ways. Pets, especially cats and dogs, show their love in unique ways, and you will only be able to experience this when you actually decide to get one.

Consider adopting instead of buying, as you will not only be able to help yourself with the loneliness, but you would also get to help an animal in need.

You can always reach out to your family and friends for support if you ever feel lonely. There are also hotlines that you can call and of course, you can try asking for help from senior homes and the likes.