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How You Can Improve Your Content Writing Skills

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You should know by now that the content writing industry is full of talented people who are skillful and experienced. It is hard to make a name for yourself as a content writer in the business because the algorithm keeps on changing. How can you say that you’re an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) writing, for example, if the rules have just changed a few minutes ago?

Content writing and SEO, in particular, are important for all types of businesses and services. SEO for accounting websites will help accountants attract clients. The right content will help these accounting firms rank high on search engines such as Google and Bing. Can you imagine being lost in the obscurity of about 50 pages of search engine results? Without SEO, your website will be in the trash bin of Google’s search results aka the second page.

Write for Your Audience

The most important thing to remember is to write for your audience. Write the topics that will be interesting for your market. Forget about SEO for a second. Inserting the right keywords can come later. Not all your posts need to be about your products and services. They can be industry-related. They can be anything under the sun. As long as you think that your market has an interest in a particular topic, you are free to write about it.

Keep Them All on Your Website

You may be tempted to write blogs for your social media pages. It is harder to update a website, after all. But you must remember that search engines search for web content and not social media content. Keep your content under the same roof. While you can post blogs, images, and videos on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, make sure that they are also embedded on your website.

Create Attention-grabbing Headlines

The first thing that your target market will see is your posts’ headlines. It’s hard, yes. Imagine only having a very short amount of text to make a big impression. But if you practice writing headlines, it shouldn’t be that hard at all. You just need to make a brief and interesting headline that makes use of at least one keyword. You also need to write a solid meta title and meta description. Google is going to crawl your website of these items.

Mind Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the number of times the keywords appeared on your post. You should aim for 2% to 3% keyword density. If you have a 100-word blog post, your keyword should appear two to three times only. Overstuffing your post with keywords will raise Google’s suspicion. The search engine penalizes websites that overstuff their articles with keywords.


Use the Right Images

People are naturally visual. They understand things better when they can see them in structured images. Use photos, graphics, and videos to illustrate your messages. Web users also share posts with images and videos more than they do text-only blogs. This is another method of driving traffic to your website.

SEO and content writing are important marketing strategies for businesses. Your services as a content writer are badly needed. Hence, it’s important to keep updating your techniques to get clients to avail of your services.

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